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Discus and support Pins - restriction in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi, Why is restriction of adding pins to 200 maximal on Xbox 360? I use it for both games with interest and game list of all my bought games. All... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by ReMark3Dcz, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. ReMark3Dcz
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    Pins - restriction


    Why is restriction of adding pins to 200 maximal on Xbox 360?

    I use it for both games with interest and game list of all my bought games.

    All the time I can add a game but not more than 200 games, then is posible delete some one and pin another but not more than this limit.

    I think this restriction is not logical, and can not be some proble to change it unlimited or 500, 1000 games/pins

    Or stay pins just for game of interest (with stupid limit of maximal 200 pins), and create something new for better survey with pictures list of my bought games than is some stupide list of bought/downloaded games/apss/trials/... whre is realy problem quick
    looking for a game.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    [Mod Removed]

    ReMark3Dcz, Jun 4, 2014
  2. Family Restrictions HELP

    I have spent 3 evenings and give up with this now.

    Me, adult have an account setup, I have setup my daughter with her own account with restrictions on family. However she has been downloading, playing and saving games on my login until now and now if she tries to use her account they are not there or not
    the saved levels she was at in various games.

    I want my account to have a pin access so games cannot be played without restrictions, purchases cannot be made and settings cannot be changed.

    I want my daughter to have automatic login to her account and I want all the games currently on my account to be available on her account at the levels she saved on my account. I want the day/time/purchase restrictions to kick in as I have requested on
    her account and require an adult pin if play time is extended or purchase required and age restrictions on content.

    Going mad as it is not simple and I think I am pretty tec savvy for an older person.

    Thanks if you can assist
    FarthestShoe876, Jun 4, 2014
  3. Content Restrictions not working with Netflix

    I am trying to put content restrictions on my xbox based on Age to prevent video access to any movies over PG-13. We had this setup previously and it completely blocked Netflix before until the xbox pin/password was entered. Now, Netflix is no longer blocked
    at all. This just started recently. I am in the preview program if that helps.

    Amazon actually allows you into Amazon but you can't see images or watch any movie that is above the console's Content Restriction age limit. Netflix isn't restricting it at all. As I said, Netflix was completely blocked before until you entered a pin but
    now it is always available. That being said, Amazon is working properly. Apps that are above the restricted level are successfully blocked. Netflix is the only app that I have noticed that is not enforcing the content restrictions properly.

    I have tried a few things to see if it would fix itself:

    Hard Reboot

    Signed out of Netflix

    Uninstalled and Reinstalled Netflix
    LifeSong-97DBBEE2-FDBA-433D-B4D6-0136E208C838, Jun 4, 2014
  4. The Rylander Win User

    The new store is garbage

    When I said you can't 'pin to home' I meant from the store page for a game. I used to pin all the games I wanted to buy, or was waiting for reviews on. That is now impossible. As the only options on the store are buy/play or 'free trial', where available.

    Also you can no longer click the options button on a pin and select 'view in store' or 'manage game', you can only go to the totally useless but glossy looking 'game hub'. To manage the game you must open 'games and apps' and scroll through. What a joke.

    The reviews are a positive thing thought, as are the restrictions; I don't want to see 5 star ratings for games that don't exist yet because the pre-rendered trailers were pretty.
  5. FazzyWazzy 86 Win User

    Can't remove game from Pins?

    If it's coming up as 'pin', then that game isn't pinned on your pin list.
  6. bcas400g Win User

    Pins not showing on Home Page since 2017 fall update


    The pins have been relocated if you press the Xbox Button on the controller to bring up the guide below the home button you will see three symbols and the one on the right that looks like a drawing pin will be your pins. Once you have opened pins if you
    scroll to the very bottom of the list you should see an option to Add pins to home that add the pins back to your homescreen.
    Yes, thanks for the reply!

    I see where the Pin icon is, but when I go there is says you have no pins add some, and when I do pin something then go check, nothing is in my pins.
  7. TBS Nikolai Win User

    KI Pin Ultimate Edition discussion and support thread

    So the march pins were the Ultra tech and Thunder???

    And the April pin is the fighting stick, and who is the character pin???
  8. amatsutenchi Win User

    Problem With Pins

    Here's how to remove a pin

    1.From Xbox Home, select My Pins.

    2.Highlight a pin and press X.

    3.Select Remove Pin.

    is it not removing when you do this?

Pins - restriction

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