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Discus and support Privacy Issue in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I think that the Xbox Live Privacy settings are garbage; or, they are currently occupying a BROKEN state. Lets say your profile's privacy parameter is... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Herr-Doktor, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Herr-Doktor
    Herr-Doktor Guest

    Privacy Issue

    I think that the Xbox Live Privacy settings are garbage; or, they are currently occupying a BROKEN state. Lets say your profile's privacy parameter is setup in a way to NOT show your captures and screen shots to others.

    Now, go to the following sites and you will still see your captures and screen shots available:

    [Mod Removed-Link]

    [Mod Removed-Link]

    [Mod Removed-Link]

    Now, I did speak to their 'could be better'-support department and informed them of the issue. They kept raving on how these are third party websites and can't do anything. Yes, they are third party websites. But, these screen shots and captures were taken
    by using the capture and screen shot feature on a Xbox Console. These files are stored on your console and Xbox Live. So, the question is, if you are NOT sharing your captures or screen shots with anyone, all the while they are stored on your console and Xbox
    Live ONLY (associated with your account ONLY), how are they STILL ending on these websites? And no, I've NEVER shared my account's credentials with anyone. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

    I asked to speak to your Tier II Support department and the agent became quite evasive and rude. "Waaaaaaaaaaa, all I can do is refer you to my supervisor."

    Fix your broken platform. You guys exposed my gamer tag to god know who and now I'm going to call you out. I love captures and screen shots. I especially love how the block capture and screen shot option was working before for these websites.


    On another note, thanks for arbitrarily changing my gamertag pic. And No, there is no obscenity, vulgarity, or anything negative without it. It was a character from the Marvel universe. Best part is, I can't even upload it anymore because you removed the
    feature to upload custom pics. Thanks Phil Spencer. Terrific job you are doing. Note the sarcasm if you are having troubles keeping up.

    Herr-Doktor, Aug 18, 2019
  2. Fos Win User

    Privacy Issue

  3. XBF Diego M Win User

    Privacy Issue

    Hi Herr-Doktor,

    Microsoft would never give out your gamertag or any other personal account information.
    Once you upload your content to Xbox Live, you are agreeing to allow others to view your content on Xbox Live, which you can block uploading clips to Xbox Live through the account's Xbox Live privacy settings. You can also set restrictions to who can
    see your content on Xbox Live from Everybody on the Internet, to just friends, to only you. With those restrictions, third party websites would not be able to view your content over Xbox Live and then use your content on their websites without compensating

    Directly quoted from the
    Microsoft Services Agreement
    , which you agree to when signing up for Xbox Live Gold, "Microsoft cannot be held responsible for Your Content or the material others upload, store or share using the Services (Xbox Live)." Also quoted from the Microsoft
    Services Agreement, "If you publish Your Content in areas of the Service (Xbox Live) where it is available broadly online without restrictions, Your Content may appear in demonstrations or materials that promote the Service (Xbox Live)." If you do not
    want third party websites to use your content without the proper restrictions, then don't use the Service (Xbox Live). For more information, I suggest reading over section 1 & 2 of the Microsoft Services Agreement titled, "Your Privacy" and "Your Content".
    I also highly suggest reading Microsoft's Privacy Statement.

    As this does not reflect what a discussion would be on the Xbox Forums in accordance with the

    Xbox Forums Guidlines
    and the proper information has been provided regarding the issue, we will be locking this thread.

    Thank you for understanding, have a great day!
  4. luissolid Win User

    Privacy Issue

    I for example dont share any type of screenshots or videos to anyone.

    All the content is stote on my console.

    You can have that option if you don't want to.share nothing.

  5. Naxo021207 Win User

    Privacy Setting Issue

    After you reach the age of adulthood, you can promote a child account to an adult account. This promotion removes the Family Settings and Xbox LIVE restrictions. To promote a child account to an adult account, Sign in to Xbox LIVE by using the account that
    you want to change. Go to Settings, and then select Account. Select Promote Child Account.

    Note This option is available only if the date of birth for the account indicates that you have reached the age of adulthood . The legal adult age varies by country and region. The age of an account owner is calculated by using the date of birth provided
    when the account was created. This date cannot be changed. If you entered an incorrect date of birth when you created the account, your only option is to create a new account using the correct date of birth.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to promote the account.
  6. juan van Win User

    Privacy Settings Issue

    I am in the USA - Sorry for the delay - was on semi-vacation

    Can see everything except Beacon and Bio at this time.

Privacy Issue

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