Privacy violation?

Discus and support Privacy violation? in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; My friend and I were chatting over voice messages when I sent one that seemed a little off. I had sent someone elses voice messages. I'm a American... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by K̴̛̈́̍͛͋̍͂̅̀́̓̿̌̎̀̎̊̀͊̓̚̚͘, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Privacy violation?

    My friend and I were chatting over voice messages when I sent one that seemed a little off. I had sent someone elses voice messages. I'm a American teenager with a semi-deep voice. The voice message I sent was of a (around 10? years old)
    kid speaking in a different language. It couldn't of been a bot because he was breathint in his mic. Is thid technically a privacy violation?

    K̴̛̈́̍͛͋̍͂̅̀́̓̿̌̎̀̎̊̀͊̓̚̚͘, Jul 15, 2019
  2. Lord Dirt Win User


    I dont mind it coming with the XB1 bundle for $500 but I dont want to plug it in unless I want to. If something comes along that I like I would plug it in for the occasion and unplug it when I was done. Simple!
  3. J3RS3Y DEVIL Win User



    Why did you hide your recently played games list?

    Afraid that we might look and see that Kinect Adventures is on your played games list?

    What a hypocrite! You're so against the evil Kinect that you bought one for your 360.

    Please just go away.
  4. CoopII Win User



    I hear you and respect your valid response. Yes those Camera's are not in your home but some of the camera's such as Google street View are right outside your door. Those features are there to add to the gaming experience and is what is called next generation
    additions. We all worried about the potential to have them misused by a giant evil corporation. I can't speak on the why it needs to be plugged in because I don't know but I whiling to give them a shot to see how it improves or lessens my gaming experience.
  5. CoopII Win User


    I can quote as well from great people from the past that may not know how the world is today. A quote without context is just that a small phrase that means nothing. when he said this what threat was he referring to?

    "Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight". - Ben Franklin

    But please explain what liberty is being given up by buying a game system?
  6. Zero Divided Win User


    "Why? Because I do not fully trust any corporation, or government."


    i am with you on this, however, i believe that there will not be anymore spying happening beyond the level that most people already see with browsing the internet, otherwise some people will notice will notice large amounts of data being uploaded,
    i personally will be watching for what's being uploaded.

Privacy violation?

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