Problem with account

Discus and support Problem with account in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi, I just created an account xboxlive on the computer but I can't load it on my Xbox 360. It's like my xbox doesn't want to load an account but only... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Sawaa01, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Sawaa01
    Sawaa01 Guest

    Problem with account

    Hi, I just created an account xboxlive on the computer but I can't load it on my Xbox 360. It's like my xbox doesn't want to load an account but only created a new one. And I just put money on the xbox live gold cart... so now I don't know what to do....
    I can't load my account, I can't play on live. And if I don't find any ways to make it, I just lost money so...

    Help me please Problem with account :)

    Sawaa01, Aug 29, 2014
  2. SownLion
    SownLion Guest
    Problem With Account

    Hi, I have a strange problem and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to fix it

    I have 2 microsoft accounts. One Was compromised years ago so I made a new one and moved anything important to there. However I have a problem with Xbox Live.

    My Accounts are

    *** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. *** (old account)

    *** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. *** (new account)

    Now when i log into my xbox, in the corner it shows the account

    My Emails about account are going to the account

    In the Account Details online, both accounts show my purchase history

    The old account for some reason has an Xbox live name I didnt make

    I am unable to delete the old account as all my Live Subscriptions are linked to it still

    I have access to both accounts still

    Now If I go through the method of swapping accounts over via the xbox (and the guild on the website) I can make a 3rd account and shuffle the accounts round so the account linked to xbox live is on the main account. But then I would have the random
    username that is has on there and the fact it takes a month to do that process

    Does anyone have any advice on what to do in this situation. I contacted the web chat and the guy told me to make a new account and put notifications from the old account linked with live onto that. This solves nothing other than making me have a 3rd email
    account i dont want where the emails will go

    Any help is appreciated on this one lol

    SownLion, Aug 29, 2014
  3. XBLRewards8
    XBLRewards8 Guest
    Problem with account

    Hello Immorta1 Badger,

    If Xbox Live Rewards is unable to deposit into your account for some reason, as long as you have not opted out to make the transition to Microsoft Rewards, any undeposited Xbox Live Rewards Credits and unredeemed MyVIP Gems will be automatically converted
    to Microsoft Rewards points and be added to your Microsoft Rewards account to redeem for whatever you choose from the Microsoft Rewards catalog.
    XBLRewards8, Aug 29, 2014
  4. Boombaa
    Boombaa Guest

    Problem with account


    Is there any error message when you try to connect with your recently created account?

    As you created this account from your PC, did you use the download profile from your console as well:

    Boombaa, Aug 30, 2014
  5. Arminator Win User

    Problem with account

    [quote user="RoboticFlea6884"] Says confirm the email ( when I want to access in outlook ) And then I can not get even knowing the pasword[/quote]

    In that case you will have to sign in to your @facebook email and check the confirmation mail.

    [quote user="RoboticFlea6884"]I tried to change the email of live but I cant do ... can you help[/quote]

    Unless you confirm your Facebook email on Live, we (in this forum) can't help, as we are not official Xbox Support staff.

    You can contact the official support here. They can help you managing your account and if necessary help you to move your account to a different email.
  6. Nathan Roberts (Sunk Win User

    Account Problems...

    Hey there, Charlezard13

    It would be better if you created a new thread in regards to your problem so the community can better help you. Each thread created is for each individual that is wanting help. This meaning that everyone who replies to the Original Poster is trying to help
    them. Having multiple people posting for help for different things gets confusing for everyone else who is subscribed to the thread.

  7. hazedesunna Win User

    Account Problems...

    Try logging into a Microsoft site with the email address you don't know the password for. Go through the "I forgot my password" etc screens and select you don't have access to the backup account (I can't remember the exact wording)

    It will ask you to fill out a form to regain the account, which will include asking for loads of details to prove that you are the owner, and hopefully they will give you access back to the account (can take a day or two)
  8. CodyTracy Win User

    Account Problem

    Hey there! Is there any error code that appears with this message?

    With this type of issue, it is best to wait and try again later. If you get an error code with the message, please let us know to further be able to help you.

    In the mean time, you could try to
    clear your cache
    and see if that helps at all.
  9. RobertBuckalew Win User

    Account Problems

    profile might be corrupted , try this .......go into settings and remove all the profiles , (make sure you have the email and password to get them back ) after you remove the profiles , shut the xbox down by holding the xbox logo on the console for 8 seconds
    till it powers down , while it is off , unplug your modem and router for 30 seconds to clear them also , plug the modem and router back up and when they are online , turn the xbox back on , when it is all the way up . re add your main profile may sit
    there and sync a little while but all SHOULD be good afterwards ...

Problem with account

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