Problem with blue ray player - XBOX DAY ONE

Discus and support Problem with blue ray player - XBOX DAY ONE in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi, I had to exchange my Xbox ONE because I bought it the day it came out and yesterday, I met the problem on the Blue-ray player (not playing games... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Mulouze, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Mulouze
    Mulouze Guest

    Problem with blue ray player - XBOX DAY ONE

    Mulouze, Jan 22, 2014
  2. XBOX One does not recognize Blu-ray disk

    Good day.

    Have a Blu-ray disc with legal content
    - recording from the camcorder processed and
    written to disk (25GB,
    non-rewritable, verbatim).

    XBOX one say - not a Blu-Ray or DVD disk.

    On a PC play without any problems
    SoapyOrpheus234, Jan 22, 2014
  3. John Dowding
    John Dowding Guest
    DVD playback quality is still atrocious.

    No I would expect a blu ray player to play DVDs as good as a standalone DVD player. Blu Ray players don't magically improve DVDs. The problem would appear to be that the One blu Ray player doesn't perform well when playing DVDs in comparison to other
    Blu Ray players.
    John Dowding, Jan 22, 2014
  4. Shadowskill08 Win User

    Blue Ray DVD Player

    The Xbox One S supports Blue Ray. Is there a reason you are looking to connect an external blue ray player?
  5. TroyFulkerson Win User

    4k problems ono xbox one s

    I love everything about the Xbox S except for the 4k blue ray player. I bought 2 4k UHD disks, The Revenant and Star Trek Into Darkness. The Revenant had major audio sync problems which just come and go. Star Trek Into Darkness would not even load. Returned
    it and the second one would not load. At that point I started searching the Internet and found that many are having issues with the 4k blue ray player. Here is a thread at AVS detailing many of the issues.

    Hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix this quickly.
  6. The Omega Gamer Win User


    While it does attempt to launch the blue ray player app (unlike every other app), it doesn't actually do anything beyond sit at a blue screen that says blue ray.

    It started with live sign in problems and the 100% packet loss and then stopped responding to anything.
  7. pnsfneo Win User

    External drive support?

    Yah, thanks Growling. I tried it anyways and still got the Blue light :( This should have been available since day one though since most blue ray players allow access too 3.0 usb Hard drives.
  8. Drabz Win User

    XBox One

    yes the Xbox one comes with blue-ray built in. and will play blue-rays and regular dvd's.

Problem with blue ray player - XBOX DAY ONE

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