Problems with region transfer

Discus and support Problems with region transfer in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I've transferred my account from the United States to Brazil on 30 Dec 2013. I then received an email confirmation stating -- This mail is... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by robteix-78D2E409-417C-4378-87F5-236F5EC33BDC, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Problems with region transfer

    I've transferred my account from the United States to Brazil on 30 Dec 2013. I then received an email confirmation stating --

    I didn't really pay much attention since then. But today I wanted to make a purchase and went to add a new payment option and that's when I noticed that the marketplace seems to still be in the United States.

    It looks as though my account is still in the US xbox live. Trying to transfer again now gives me this error message --

    Digging thru the website, I finally find something weird(er) in my Microsoft account billing details: it now has a small drop box with two options--US - Personal Account and BR - Personal Account--the BR one has my correct current information while the US
    has my old details. I tried to delete the US one but I could not find anywhere to do that.


    robteix-78D2E409-417C-4378-87F5-236F5EC33BDC, Jan 23, 2014
  2. Will my U.S. Xbox 360 Slim work in Brazil?

    I am moving to Brazil and I want to bring my Xbox 360 S down with me. Will the Xbox work with a transformer? and Are there region Code problems with Games in Brazil/America? Also will my xbox live account transfer?
    xTheHolyGhostx, Jan 23, 2014
  3. Mr Boozyhead
    Mr Boozyhead Guest
  4. Deathtap52 Win User

    Trouble to download Fable III

    This is the problem I'm having too, I also migrated my region using a region transfer recently.

    It looks like their region transfer stuff is flawed and is *** us over.
  5. Obsessive Power Win User

    Microsoft should make the store region free and charge the TAX/VAT per country upon purchase

    Send the money to buy content in a different region via PayPal or as an international money transfer from your bank. Problem solved.
  6. Slávek Vrba Win User

    Region transfer


    My account the Czech Republic

    Physical location the Netherlands

    ISP Telfort

    Downloading from XBOX marketplace
  7. Smwutches Win User

    Region transfer

    It's not possible to migrate your account to the Netherlands.

    If the account region and physical location don't match, it can cause downloading issues. You could start a new account with Netherlands as the region and use it to download content. Both accounts would have access to most of the content.
  8. Slávek Vrba Win User

    Region transfer

    Okay sorry just now I have read that the Czech Rep is supported, but I cannot purchase anything from XBOX marketplace. Is it because my physical location differs from the location which is set in my account? And if i transfer it now how i can transfer it

Problems with region transfer

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