Problems with Xbox live and NHL 14

Discus and support Problems with Xbox live and NHL 14 in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; son has had xbox live for almost a year now without any problems. Just recently, he has started having trouble with playing NHL 14 online with... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Train3050, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Train3050
    Train3050 Guest

    Problems with Xbox live and NHL 14 son has had xbox live for almost a year now without any problems. Just recently, he has started having trouble with playing NHL 14 online with his friends. He can sign on, and move his player, but it will not allow him to shoot, pass or anything
    else. Anyone have these problems, or have any idea what the issue might be? I'm not an xbox pro, but can navigate it ok. Thanks for any help!

    Train3050, Jun 11, 2014
  2. DeViLzzz2009
    DeViLzzz2009 Guest
    Do any older sports games from EA and others work online still for Xbox One?

    I know that with the Xbox 360 people can still play NHL 14 and NHL 15 online still. My son has done it in recent times. Now with that said with the Xbox One can you do the same thing with older games?
    DeViLzzz2009, Jun 11, 2014
  3. Warlok9
    Warlok9 Guest
    NHL 14 Problems Continue

    For some reason I just literally suck at NHL nowadays. It started a bit during NHL 12, got WAY worse in NHL 13, and now with NHL 14 I am utterly useless. I used to be quite excellent at these games dating back to the early years through 2011. I play a realistic
    style both offensively and defensively (IE, not running and gunning or going for big hits contstantly). When I play online, sometimes I feel like my players are skating in mud, cant hold on to the puck, cant complete simple passes, and can't complete a single
    body check. While all this is happening, the opposing players are rushing around the ice at much higher speeds than I am capable, pulling off checks, steals, and dekes at will. And it doesn't end there.

    Here is a list of things I notice when an online game starts going bad for me:

    1. Other team's players are faster.

    2. Other team's players check at will and with impunity.

    3. Other team's players seem to: poke check, stick lift, block shots, steal, protect the puck, and block passes with uncanny frequency.

    4. Other team's players are more resilient to body checks, pushing, shoving, stick lifts, positional play, steals, etc.

    5. General feel on the ice that my players are on a much lower level that the opposition.

    I have some guesses why I feel this is happening:

    1. Online NHL gamers are just becoming really good at this game. Call it "cheesing", or call it skill; makes no difference. Something is clicking for these people that is not clicking for me. As an adult who doesn't put much time into games like I used to,
    I could agree that many NHL gamers are just much better than me at this. Sometimes that is obvious, sometimes not. I think I am always willing to admit when someone is better. But I also can feel when something is just not right.

    2. There is some "thing" in this game that heavy NHL gamers have figured out that I just haven't. It could be the most simple thing I am overlooking or it could the style of play that I have become accustomed to playing over the years is simply "incompatible"
    with the newer NHL physics and graphics engines.

    I think both guesses above are partly to blame for my frustration. But allow me to theorize here. I think I know what is at the root of this issue for me, and many others feeling the same way I do about NHL 13/14. I think EA Sports made an adjustment at
    some point during the 12-13 era to a particular aspect of the AI. The aspect I am referring to is called

    MOMENTUM. I have always had issues with developers building artificial momentum into sports titles. Let me explain why I think artificial momentum is bad for games, especially when playing against human opponents.
    Momentum is a natural occurrence resulting from competition between two teams or individuals.
    When a gamer scores a couple goals in a row against you, he naturally has the "momentum". As his opponent, you would have to adjust your play to match the intensity to the level of your opponent, or adjust your approach to contain him. By a natural occurrence,
    your opponent has an advantage on you both physically (up 2 goals) and psychologically (you feel pressure to score, change your approach). You know what they call that "advantage" in sports? MOMENTUM!

    Now the developers of NHL have decided that that was not enough, and that they needed to make things more interesting. (or less interesting depending on how you stand on this). They decided that your "players" and "team" get boosted and bolstered when they
    score a goal, complete a good hit, or are just generally playing well in front of their home crowd. You make think, "oh, that's cool! What is the problem?" Well, glad you asked. If you are the unfortunate one to be on the other side of this "momentum shift"
    not only do you have to fight your way back into the game through the natural momentum shift that has occurred, but you must now do it with players that are skating slower, hitting softer, and just generally playing worse than your opponent's players. Talk
    about an uphill battle!!

    I know artificial momentum is nothing new to the NHL series, but my theory is that in the last few years there was a boost made in the momentum where now it is much more noticeable, as in the examples I gave above where you can visually see and feel you
    are at a disadvantage.

    I have seen many of you gamers complaining that something is amiss with NHL since 12 or 13, I am wondering what your thoughts were on my theory of the momentum boost being overdone, and that "overdone" momentum could be the underlying root of the issues
    we are having.
    Warlok9, Jun 11, 2014
  4. hammerpunch Win User

    NHL 15 Achievements if you care

    This is not achievements for NHL 15. It's achievements for NHL 14
  5. Leafs1201 Win User

    What Xbox One game are you most excited for?

    Is that a definite that NHL 14 won't be on Xbox One ?
  6. Claptrap NL Win User

    What sport game would be best/most anticipated based on gameplay?

    Fifa 14, NHL 14 and NBA 2k14 in my opinion.
  7. Last Face Win User


    Same problem, only 5 months later trying to put my music in NHL 14. no one has any ideas or solutions?
  8. MurderTramp17 Win User

    NHL 14...

    I guess. But we were sold out of NHL 13 for like 6 months.... so I would think it would be big enough for a port, but oh well

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