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Discus and support Question: PC Specs in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I stream on Xbox1x using the Elgato capture card. Currently using there software but will be switching to OBS soon. I use a Macbook Pro for the... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Power1aj, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Question: PC Specs

    I stream on Xbox1x using the Elgato capture card. Currently using there software but will be switching to OBS soon. I use a Macbook Pro for the streaming portion of my gameplay. I am thinking about switching to a PC/Windows Laptop so I can use streamlabs and other programs that are not Mac compatible. Can anyone let me know what specs I would need that Laptop to be? I don't need the highest, but I don't want the bare minimum. I want to be able to stream and still be able to visit webpages, chat, etc without issue. What Ram would I need? What about processor?



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  2. Skweezle1st Win User

    The better machine isn't next gen!

    So you think the PC version will be the next gen version? (That sounds like I'm insulting you but it's a genuine question).

    I can't help but doubt that. The next gen version will demand higher specs from home PCs than the majority of games have asked for over the last 8 years. A huge amount of PC users will have to upgrade.
  3. Seriously Scott Win User

    So exactly what will be the point to having an xbox one if all major exclusives are on pc?..

    Ahh but see this raises questions, are PC users going to be able to play Xbox games with a mouse and keyboard? What is MS going to set as the minimum spec for a PC to play Xbox games, Just because say an MS Surface has Windows 10, that doesn't mean it can
    just play halo 5 ;)
  4. Marwood II 87 Win User

    Question - If COD4 was remade, had more maps and made to look more beautiful would you buy it?

    whats the min spec for CoD4 on PC please?
  5. RafaelMouraB-DB3E4E3 Win User

    Games will load but....

    Where are you play?

    If it's a PC, what specs?
  6. AnDra1978 Win User

    using xbox one as dev kit sounds cool.

    Question is are we getting the specs as the dev kits? :)

Question: PC Specs

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