Questions about the Armory

Discus and support Questions about the Armory in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Question: Why is it that some non-redeemable items are in armory and some are not? For instance, I have 2 pairs of eyewear that don't show up in the... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by septos, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. septos
    septos Guest

    Questions about the Armory

    Question: Why is it that some non-redeemable items are in armory and some are not? For instance, I have 2 pairs of eyewear that don't show up in the armory that appear to be of the non-redeemable type. Furthermore, why are any non-redeemable types even listed
    in the armory? There is no way for me to remove them and they simply take up space. Can anyone answer some of this or maybe let me know what you think?


    septos, Nov 11, 2014
  2. ModestElf
    ModestElf Guest
    The Armory - Your Question::Our Answer

    yeah JBONYU should definettly be on the list, I remember going againts him randomly on reach and the first thing I though was, I think I know that person from somewhere else and at the end of the game I sent him a message saying if he was forum user
    ModestElf, Nov 11, 2014
  3. IansLuck
    IansLuck Guest
    The Armory - Your Question::Our Answer

    Okay now since Bob and Fluffers added people....we need to make this a flat 15. 14 just doesn't look good. Hmmm.....who would be the 15th person?
    IansLuck, Nov 11, 2014
  4. ReverentGinger9 Win User

    How much will the Halo 4 Champions Bundle DLC cost?

    Really how about only the armorial pack
  5. Judge Win User

    Best Borderlands DLC?

    Armory - The rest are good but not as good as Armory
  6. Spartan I043 Win User

    Almost There. . . .

    BTW I meant to say "100% commendation progress", not "100% armory completion." Sorry about some possible confusion.
  7. Deadly Silent74 Win User

    Stoopid questions about B'lands

    Here is my Stoopid question. Where do you turn in the "Wanted: Dead" mission in the Armory DLC? The location diamond keeps moving. It says "Agent 01" but I have no idea who or what that is.
  8. AtlanticPaladin Win User

    Borderlands dlc,which is best?

    Secret Armory of General Knoxx. New guns. Run through an armory thrice. 2 new vehicles. Tons of quests

Questions about the Armory

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