Recent Players???

Discus and support Recent Players??? in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Is it me, or has 'recent players' disappeared with one of the recent updates? I can't find it. 4ba81ae2-b8f5-41b5-b225-9b196e335554 Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by ShowbizMonkey, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Recent Players???

    Is it me, or has 'recent players' disappeared with one of the recent updates? I can't find it.

    ShowbizMonkey, Aug 31, 2014
  2. Recent Bans

    I agree alot of people most likely are not innocent... and it does hurt players like myself that strive for fair and legit play..

    which is the only reason i own a xbox 360 and not a mod feast on the ps3 or pc...

    And yet Ms makes a mistake and knows no one can do anythign about it cause of there strong arm TOS.

    And yet i know for a fact they could never give me a reason on why they banned my 360 expect to get me to buy a new one..

    this is ether a realy big f up on Ms part or a huge Feing scam on there part which ever i will hound them untill they give me a reason or something is done.. since there can be no reason given .

    I well bid my time and bother them tell the end of time untill i im compensated for my losses....
    Dragonlord Brad, Aug 31, 2014
  3. Temhotabot
    Temhotabot Guest
    Recent Bans

    I guess all of
    these people
    are innocent as well, huh? When people like you post with a modded avatar and claim you never modded/cheated it hurts the credibility of the truly innocent. Peopl like you don't deserve to be on XBL with the rest of us legit gamers and you
    deserve everything that happens to you.

    Just so you are aware, when they permanently ban your account for avatar modification everything associated with it will be forfeit including; gamer score, game saves, ms points, Live time and download content. All of that is
    gone forever, none of it is transferable and none of it is refundable. Now not only do you have to fork out more money for a new console (should you decide to) you also have to fork over money for a new account, ms points and all of the DLC you had prior.
    Was it worth it?
    Temhotabot, Aug 31, 2014
  4. Recent Players???

    If you have the newest version, go to your friends list. Once there at the top, there should be a box that says "friends" with a down arrow. If you click on it, you can choose for it to show your favorites or recent players instead of your friends. Recent Players??? ;)
    Galactic Geek, Aug 31, 2014
  5. DoubleTriangle Win User

    Recently moved

    I understand what you mean. Would I still get the same deal with those download codes as I would through the marketplace?

    I'm not able to purchase any download codes from my work computer with all shopping sites blocked. (at least all the ones I tried)
  6. Wildboy Wiley Win User

    Recent updat3e

    Do you receive any type of error when trying to open your games?
  7. Crusader158 Win User

    Recent players

    Thanks any idea when this update will be coming out?
  8. greenlake Win User

    Recent players

    Hi FetalFettucini1,

    There isn't a recent players list yet on Xbox One yet. For now the best ways to add someone you played with are to: on their gamertag in-game or from the post-game lobby, which brings up their gamercard. From there you can hit 'Add friend'

    2.(as you said), remember their gamertag. from the Friends app, you can use 'Find someone' to go to their profile and add them.

    I work on the console team - unfortunately this feature didn't make it for launch day, but it's one we're already discussing for an upcoming update.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  9. TristanP-8E3A3FFC-D7 Win User

    Recent Purchase

    This is probably my favorite game to waste time of the last generation.

Recent Players???

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