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Discus and support Refund Denied in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Hello there, a few days ago I bought Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on the Xbox one and it turns out I bought the wrong game, I played the game for around 2... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Chelsea96, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. Chelsea96
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    Refund Denied

    Hello there, a few days ago I bought Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on the Xbox one and it turns out I bought the wrong game, I played the game for around 2 hours before I realised my mistake and quickly uninstalled the game and requested a refund however for some reason my request was denied as "they cant refund digital games that have been played or used" which I believe to be utter nonsense as I have refunded digital games before with 0 issue. I simply bought the wrong game and want my money back.

    Chelsea96, Apr 15, 2021
  2. Smwutches Win User

    Refund Policy

    You can try responding to the email you received denying the refund to speak to a refund specialist, but if they deny it, there really isn't anything that can be done.
  3. MakaylaLewis Win User

    refund denied?????

    Their new system is a joke and a waste of time. I easily received a digital refund after my son made an accidental purchase last year... that was when you could actually talk to a person. During that conversation I asked them to remove my debit card from
    his account... Since then I have had them automatically renew his gold membership without me approving it, I have had 2 more "accidental" charges from his friends on his xbox (the latest being $110 on VBucks) which caused me numerous over withdrawal fees!
    I have resubmitted my request numerous times and have yet to receive a reason why they are denying it. I have managed to keep my son and his friends from spending the Vbucks as well and the purchase before that was a digital game that we still have yet to
    download and that happened in February. I have tried calling and they tell you to use the form.. I have tried the online chat... even that is automated and only brings me to the form or to this forum. My last attempt was when I responded to all of my refund
    request emails and still haven't received a response. My last resort... File with the better business bureau or take to social media. I didn't agree to these charges and I requested my card be taken off of his account over a year ago!!!!! Why do I have to
    suffer because that didn't happen?! Not only that but not even be able to get a single response. I am a single mom with two sons, one of which is special needs. I don't have the time or the money to continue threw this and I have always been a loyal customer.
    Always upgrading systems buying xbox cards for my son to redeem. Even I play and download games on it. After the second accidental purchase and 3 hours on hold with customer service who just told me to use the online form which kept bringing me in circles
    and never actually let me submit one (they must have just launched it then) I gave up. $40 of hard earned money and never downloaded the game.. I went online and this time removed my debit card myself.... So how does this keep happening?!! After suffering
    not just 1 BUT 5 OWD FEES AT $36 A PIECE I am still trying to catch back up. I am out over $200 due to this accidental purchase that I still have not let me son spend because I hope that one day I might actually be able to get back $100 of that money in the
    form of a refund from XBOX because my card shouldn't have been on there in the first place and I DID"T MAKE THE PURCHACE AND IT IS STILL JUST SITTING ON HIS ACCOUNT!!! Maybe you should care a little more about your customers.... maybe if they put some much
    time and effort into that refund then they actually need it or deserve it or at least a REAL person to give them an explanation!! I thought you were an excellent company a year ago and was very satisfied even after sitting on hold for hours.... Now I am switching
    to PLAYSTATION!!! just because my hate for you is that strong! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!
  4. MikePARKISON JR Win User

    refund denied?????

    I was not aware this.thank you.
  5. Klappstuhl83 Win User

    refund denied?????

    I would call the xbox support.
  6. KindGryphon Win User

    Refund denied.

    A couple of days ago I got a 50$ from my dad. My step sister grew jealous. Once I had left to go take a nap. I forgot to sign out of my account. so my step sister bought things that I don't even need. I tried to refund it, only a couple of order
    refunds worked. But when I tried to refund to last things. They both said "Request Denied." So I really need my money back because I am not happy right now. And I tried everything I could with the whole accidental purchase and contact a gamer expert and what
    not. But it keeps leading me back to the problem I'm trying to fix. Basically putting me in circles. So I really do need for Xbox to let me refund my stuff. Please!
    All you can do is reply back to the denial email.

    Not all purchases are eligible for refunds though. For example in game currency isnt refundable so if the last purchases involved in game currency or other consumable items then that would be why the refund got denied.

    A refund can also be denied if you have had too many refund requests approved already.

Refund Denied

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