Regional Issues

Discus and support Regional Issues in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Bought the game on the release date, installed it tried various game modes and found out Halo 3 didn´t work on campaign mode. I live in sweden, (kinda... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Me4nStre4k, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Me4nStre4k
    Me4nStre4k Guest

    Regional Issues

    Bought the game on the release date, installed it tried various game modes and found out Halo 3 didn´t work on campaign mode. I live in sweden, (kinda important to bring up), read on GameReactor I think where it said that if I change the Language
    to english and region to united states halo 3 campaign would work. And BAM, just like that it worked all of a sudden. WTF? Shouldn´t matter where I am , it should work anyway. Anybody else got the same problem and know what´s going on?

    Me4nStre4k, Nov 18, 2014
  2. Regional issues

    Is it possible that even though I live in Canada, that for some reason my xbox 1's or my account's regional settings are for the US?

    The reason I ask is I received a $50 gift card for x-mas, well last Monday I finally got around to redeeming it. After I put in the code I got this notice. "This code is valid for CAD, it is transferable so if you know some one in that region you can give
    it to them". Well as I said I live in Canada have all my life, so off to xbox support I go after 5 days and many frustrating repetitive questions we finally got it so i could put my code in. So later that day I go to use the money to buy car packs in Forza
    6. When I clicked on it and choose payment method I only got 3 choices "Credit card, or debit card, payPal or redeem code." and no option to use my gift card funds.

    I went to my account on the xbox1 console account and billing to make sure the funds where there. This is where I noticed something odd. the funds were there it said I had $50 CAD, but above that it said I had $0 US funds. why would that even be there? So
    is it possible that my xbox thinks I am in the U.S., and would that be the reason I can not use the $50 CAD I have available to purchase the car packs?

    Thanks in Advance

    phredzeppelin, Nov 18, 2014
  3. ngocphi
    ngocphi Guest
    Regional issues

    becauss you set it up as a us account

    Region of an account is setup on starting the account

    You will have to migrate to Canada and if you used a prepaid membership card then you will have to add another gold memberships

    If you click thru us English and region you do realize those are separate regions from the us righr?

    Regions go be countries not continents
    ngocphi, Nov 18, 2014
  4. Regional Issues

    I have the same problem. Also in Sweden. Så liksom, hejsan hallå och så. I was SO CLOSE to downloading the entire game again, because I thought my Halo 3 install was corrupted. Nope. Just being in Sweden that keeps on bonin' me, 12 months later and with
    the console out for 2. Regional Issues :)

    Mine is digital, and I take it you bought the disc version? So, doesn't seem to be a difference there. Just one in a myriad of bugs they'll need to fix.
    Simon Lundmark, Nov 18, 2014
  5. HumanPlague8 Win User

    Region Issues

    i am trying to change my xbox live to united kingdom as i signed up with spanish email address but for some reason i cannot get it to change
  6. ngocphi Win User

    Regional Issue

    you have to follow their rules and yes they have their own CONTENT laws under USK

    anything to do with xbox live has to follow the region of your account regardless of your console setting

    as per the international laws on content every service must abide by international laws

    what is allowed in US isn't nessarily allowed unmodified in Germany or any other place

    as the migration tool is not for temporary moves its suggested you make a temporary account for local purchases

    but as long as you do not live in the region of your account you will continue have issues with downloads and yes that's enforced by content laws

    USK is the governing body of Germany and they have the most strict of rules and one of the highest list of banned and controlled games
  7. Nathan Roberts (Sunk Win User

    region issue

    Hey there,

    When you sign onto your Xbox Live account, you will be connected to your local server. In terms of the games, I do believe you connect to people within different servers that are around the world. This means, I am correct, you will always be playing with
    different people from different countries.

    On Black Ops 3, I am unaware of any option which allows you to just connect with people from your country, and maybe your always been matched with people from different countries that are online and are looking for other people to join their public lobbies.
    As I understand it, the system matches you up the best it can in lobbies that you have good connection to.

    Although, I could be wrong and I could have missed something. If you are wanting to play with people from your region, why not post in the discussion forums in your region, asking if some of the community here would play with you - that are from your region?

    I hope this has helped in some way, and only go by my knowledge and the support articles

  8. Daft Badger Win User

    Region Issues

    As this thread is nearly 2 years old can you please make your own thread.
  9. davemcfly85 Win User

    Region issues

    in order to get region locked games your account region, console region, and physical region have to match. being that you got a France 360 but have a Brazil account and are in Brazil you will have issues downloading ANY region locked content sorry.

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