Remote "passthrough", please support navigation commands

Discus and support Remote "passthrough", please support navigation commands in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; When the TV app is launched, some IR commands aren't translated and echoed (e.g., DirectionUp, DirectionDown, select). I know the XBox knows the... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by JerseyFrank, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. JerseyFrank
    JerseyFrank Guest

    Remote "passthrough", please support navigation commands

    When the TV app is launched, some IR commands aren't translated and echoed (e.g., DirectionUp, DirectionDown, select). I know the XBox knows the commands because I can access the cable remote from SmartGlass.

    JerseyFrank, Jun 13, 2014
  2. fastharry
    fastharry Guest
    Xbox ONE deliivered!...Few questions before hook up/

    [quote user="xXCamhawkXx"]

    voice commands for changing channels "Xbox watch Comedy Central" channel number doesn't work.


    yeah, I think the old remote is gonna be quicker, LOL
    fastharry, Jun 13, 2014
  3. tohellnbak
    tohellnbak Guest
    Need some expert help/advice

    [quote user="beachbum RIZ"]

    Its not going to work they way you think it will, if you have a dvr your still going to need the remote, all the one is going to allow you to do is change the channel. To record, switch inputs etc... you still need your remotes, I think its pretty much useless
    what M$ is doing with the passthrough.


    The kinect also doubles as an IR blaster... this would mean the Kinect and the XB1 have a learn feature... if your cable is connected with the pass through... and the Kinect can learn the record DVR command.. I see no reason as to why you cannot issue
    a command for the DVR...

    Also Beach.. do you have ANYTHING to say positive about the XB1?? seriously... Get a life brah.... move on... go outside.. or just in fact grow the F up...
    tohellnbak, Jun 13, 2014
  4. Lloydy25 Win User

    Do voice commands work on new the Kinectless XB1?

    With the release of the Kinectless sku, and voice commands being central to navigating the UI, I think we'll see mic voice command support very soon.
  5. pinkpanda1204 Win User

    Xbox fitness remote control doesn't work

    Does anybody else have games that just don't support navigation using the Xbox Remote Control? I can only control it with the Xbox Controller or my hand via Kinect. Seems silly that the Remote Control wouldn't do the job!
  6. GerardReese Win User

    Pass through question

    Totally agree. HDMI passthrough when the device is OFF is a very significant feature. Having to turn on the console and navigate the menus every time you just want to watch TV is a burden. This type of flexibility would be an awesome feature. Modern
    Home Ent. receivers today have the passthrough feature when the unit is turned off.
  7. BobMcFly247 Win User

    Correct remote code, but remote doesn't work

    I think thats a little misunderstanding. The One can not react on the remote commands from your cable or tv remotes at all.

    The One is able to send these remote commands itself and act as a remote control that way. So you are able to use smartglass as universal remote to control your devices via the One or use voice commands to do the same with the kinect. But you cannot use
    your remotes to do anything on the One.

    Of course you can use your remote controls to send commands to the respective device even if the One is configured to control them. It's more like you can choose to control your TV and cable box with the One (with Kinect, Smartglass or controller ) AND/OR
    your usual remotes.
  8. Mercitor Win User

    Fios remote not responding

    The responses from the remote are inconsistent.

    One time you will hit "MENU" and it will just sit there and not take any other commands from the remote.

    Then a couple minutes later it will take another command.

Remote "passthrough", please support navigation commands

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