rep needs work.

Discus and support rep needs work. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; i have just noticed my profile has rep needs work on it. i have been on xbox live for 13 yrs and have never sent rude messages, texts or broken any of... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by HOMER J MAX, Jan 22, 2021.

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    rep needs work.

    i have just noticed my profile has rep needs work on it. i have been on xbox live for 13 yrs and have never sent rude messages, texts or broken any of their terms. i have received plenty and just block these people. i only play one multiplayer game because
    i am rubbish at most. i play prominence poker only and found from my rep history that all of the reports against me are for cheating. i can understand how games like call of duty and fortnite where u could play daily for a month and never come across the same
    player twice, if you are getting regular complaints you probably deserve them but in prom poker where you are playing against the same small community of 1 or 200 players in the bigger money rooms, there seems to be a lot of bad blood and jealousy. i have
    spoken to friends that have left a poker room after bad beat wanting to kick the dog, punch the wall or smash their controller especially as prom poker charge real cash for chips. around £70 for 3 million chips. so if someone loses 6 or 8 million chips in
    a game it is not a stretch to think some people react by reporting the winner for cheating. i am usually in top 50 or so of monthly leaderboard, never top 20 but when i checked profiles of guys at top most have rep needs work or avoid me. this is a pure bad
    loser jealousy thing and xbox should realise this in small community games rather than punish people with no proof or history. then those people being punished realise whats happened to them and start reporting the players they think may have been responsible.
    i know i feel like doing that, especially to the ones who have sent me rude messages. its a vicious circle that could end with most players reps affected. also i 100% believe there is no way to cheat in this game. why doesnt xbox know this. then i find that
    if people keep reporting me xbox will stick an avoid me banner on my profile for all my 13 yrs worth of good friends to see. really, in this age and climate of not labelling people you're going to label me with avoid me, shun me. i cant believe someone in
    your dev team came up with that let alone someone above him okaying it. having did absolutely nothing wrong in 13 yrs i would have to consider suing you for destroying my online identity with absolutely no proof or possibility of cheating being true and the
    stress this has caused me. i read the only way to fix your rep is to play big 64 player multiplayer games regularly with no reports. i doubt i would get any complaints except for me being **** but why should i have to. as i said i only play single player or
    co op games and only prom poker in multi. so there is no fix for my rep except for to keep playing and let the bad losers do what they do. xbox enforcement please respond to this because your system is in dire need of a major ovehaul.

    HOMER J MAX, Jan 22, 2021
  2. Dadwhite Win User

    Rep needs work

    This site will explain everything you need to know about the rep system

    Here is the basic explanation for your rep

    Needs Work

    A user whose reputation score has continued to fall due to many reports of bad behavior. If this downward trend continues, the user will begin to be matched with only other low-reputation players.

    Read the site and it will tell you what you need to know to correct it.
  3. Daft Badger Win User

    Is it possible to see another player's reputation level?

    If someones rep drops to "needs work" or "avoid me" then it will show on their profiles on xbox live.

    Other than that you can not see someones rep.
  4. OllyBongo89 Win User

    Reputation Bug on Xbox One

    Hey dude saw the needs work on a friends profile. If Microsoft are saying your rep is perfect then double check your rep is good here
  5. User 9242019 Win User

    Discrepancy between reputation on my profile and on the Xbox enforcement website

    No, Internet Expert it is the other way around. The Enforcement page does not accurately reflect your rep and probably didn't reflect the avoid me status in the first place. The console and do show the real time rep. There have been quite a few
    posts regarding this behavior on the Enforcement page.

    If you show needs work or avoid me on your profile on the console and on then that is what your rep is.

    Since these forums are Community forums, no one here can assist with the rep issue as most here are users like yourself OP. You will need to play more to get your rep into needs work or good player status. Xbox Support also can't help with rep but they will
    send people here to get them off the phone or chat unfortunately.
  6. ngocphi Win User

    I Was Falsely Reported

    a suspension or a avoid me rep?

    If suspension then you must go to

    If rep you must go there to figure out what reports you need to work on etc

rep needs work.

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