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Discus and support Report player in XBoX Rewards & Social to solve the problem; Hi is it possible to cancel a report I made on another player? I reported the wrong person. Please help. Thanks 13bb5668-f08d-4e57-a254-b01a3b67f436 Discussion in 'XBoX Rewards & Social' started by YokoHime, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. YokoHime
    YokoHime Guest

    Report player

    Hi is it possible to cancel a report I made on another player? I reported the wrong person. Please help. Thanks

    YokoHime, Nov 17, 2021
  2. bowski477 Win User

    reporting a player

    I'm being threatened to be "hacked"!

    Strictly speaking, you cannot be "hacked" on Xbox LIVE; that is to say no one can forcibly take your information from our servers. Please make sure that your WLID and password are both strong and secret. Do not share this information with ANYONE! Also
    remember that no Microsoft of Xbox employee or support agent will ever ask you for this information.

    If someone on Xbox LIVE is threatening to "hack" you, or they are asking for your WLID and/or password, you should let us know! These activities are strictly against our Terms of Use and we are serious about its enforcement.
    Please file a complaint on the offending player using the tools on your console. This will alert the enforcement team to investigate. The instructions are in the link below.

    In the future please do not name and shame other players on the forums. Thanks!
  3. voteDC Win User

    Reporting a player

    [quote user="SunkNath"]Hey there Mafivee.

    I spoke to Xbox Support yesterday and found them very helpful. They do more then sit around, they have investigations to run, information to find out and then new questions popping through the system.[/quote]Unfortunately Sunk we on the forum all too often
    are seeing the bad side of support.

    They seem woefully ignorant of the forum rules by continuing to send people here to 'file a report'. They don't seem to care that naming and shaming is more likely to get the innocent party banned from the forum than it is the offender from LIVE.

    This is an old thread but the rate of people being sent here seems to be increasing. You can defend support all you wish but the fact is that at least some of them don't know how to do their job and they are spoiling it for the good people.
  4. NonSportsGirl Win User

    Player Report

    A DDoS attacks your connection. A person is capable of doing more than one at a time and stopping when they like.

    Whomever you spoke to was wrong. You can't report Live offences the forum, there is nowhere for you to do that.

    From the forum rules, which can be found here

    Please do not "name and shame" users. If you see someone violating the Code of Conduct please do not publicly post an accusation. Instead, report it using the tools within the game or the file a complaint using your console. If the violation took
    place on the forums you may use the report feature.
    If you've reported the person through your console then that is all you can do through Microsoft. You also need to contact your ISP about this.
  5. MightyMouse669 Win User

    Player Report

    We Had a group of 3 people 3 players in the same GAME and all at the same time we all got kicked. So normally if its due to bad connection !!! it would had removed one player not all of us. Its happaned more than once and it was said by to type
    what was done on the forms to push this against the player because its wrong illegal you said .. so its very wrong ! the question wasn't my internet at all.. my internet for all 8 other games i had with friends was fine, not to question..the connection, we
    wasn't kicked in any other games like this .. or lagged out or anything eles. we was KICKED OUT OF ARE OWN GAME ! as i sent a message to all friends and got a positive response that others gamer's have played against the player also had the same occurrence.
    Lag switching and DDOS.. now we have reported him and many others and i ask the community to do the same thing.. im not trying to waste anyones time, im doing the right thing to be herd, to make things right, i was attacked, he needs to wake up. if he cant
    play it and get away with cheating, no ... i seek justice and i feel this is the right way to do it !! so REPORT HIM.. so the gt can be investigated and the right actions to either suspend account or ban account will take affect
  6. MightyMouse669 Win User

    Player Report

    Hello I contacted after being DDOS by gt [Gt Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums. i ask everyone that see's this report him for tampering ' System Tampering ' DDOS, Not only my self but many other players are being kicked
    from are online gaming while just playing with friends on game ' Destiny ' Kicked and while Playing PvP game Type ' ToO ' ( Trials ) You leave game or kicked you get a lose on your card. I have video Footage. This is not the first time its happened and many
    other players been getting kicked for either player has bad connection or DDOS. I reported this to and said type this up on the forms. I ask everyone To REPORT HIM! he is a hacker and made a disturbance not only to me but as I sent a message to other
    friends they have been attacked to. gt [Gt Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums

Report player

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