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Discus and support Reputation Griefed in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Soo 2 weeks ago my gamertag was included within a YouTube video of them actively griefing everyone for their channel and roughly 40 people commented on... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by HeartOfADog, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. HeartOfADog
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    Reputation Griefed

    Soo 2 weeks ago my gamertag was included within a YouTube video of them actively griefing everyone for their channel and roughly 40 people commented on that video saying they were reporting all included profiles in that video to further grief... low and behold my profile is avoid me.

    I have 32 reports for "Cheating" and 39 reports of Unsportsmanship" which would suggest that the people reported me 1 of each as it was so equal across the board and no reports of anything else. My reputation was perfect until the video was posted and I have done everything possible to play every game listed on multiple sites and follow the "rulings" of the reputation fix I have read everything to do with reputation which states to play games without being reported...

    its been 2 weeks and I have played hours and hours of games and still nothing... it was bugging out the other day was showing good player on website and my profile but still wouldn't let me join my friends to which support even told me that my reputation was fine.. 2 days later it was back to avoid me with no extra reports? So how long is it going to be fixed or do I have to just give up on xbox altogether?

    I shouldn't even be in this situation because it was due to being griefed but noone wanted to hear what I was trying to say palming me off with just play games and behave.. my behaviour isn't the problem not once have I been in this situation in the whole 4 years of playing on this account and 6 further years of playing xbox in general

    HeartOfADog, Feb 22, 2021
  2. Dondlan Win User

    I need help with my reputation

    So basically you griefed the game or it was legit to "kill" the other player?

    Review bombing doesn't usually work in order to affect the reputation. Is just that or you trash talked / did something else?
  3. ArminatorX Win User

    Received a lifetime Reputation ban: Needs Work.

    Reputation has nothing to do with Enforcement suspensions or bans.

    You can "fix" your reputation yourself, by having your friends invite you to their game session, and play online.

    The more you play with people that don't mute your microphone, or report you for something that's not a violoation of the Terms of Use, but still regarded as "unfair" behavior in games (e.g. intentionally driving in the wrong direction in a racing game,
    griefing, etc.), your Reputation will go up again.

    Until then, you can only play with other "Needs Work" people.
  4. iG PsYcHoTiC Win User


    The only way to guarantee a decent game these days is to play with people you know. Why don't you start adding the people who do stay in the game to your friends list and organise a grief game between them? Personally I've never liked playing zombies on
    Public with random people, but that's just my way I guess.
  5. RichRob12 Win User


    I'm not talking about hardcore as in multiplayer hardcore as playing a lot of grief zombies
  6. THA 1 BEHIND YA Win User


    In hardcore its easy to get booted for team killing. I don't think I've ever played hardcore Dom and everyone made it to the end of the match.

Reputation Griefed

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