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Discus and support Roblox on console in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; So my question is how do I fix the no sound glitch on Xbox roblox. I’ve been playing roblox recently playing funky Friday and it’s a music rhythm game... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Fujis problem, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Roblox on console

    So my question is how do I fix the no sound glitch on Xbox roblox. I’ve been playing roblox recently playing funky Friday and it’s a music rhythm game and this morning I got on and I don’t hear the menu music I go into the experience and I can’t hear anything not even other people I’ve done the manual power cycle I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it I’ve made sure my headset works I’ve checked the options in roblox and I can’t fix this issue

    Fujis problem, Sep 15, 2021
  2. Georges C. Win User

    Roblox on console

    Hello, first it's a pleasure to be able to help you today.

    My name is

    Welcome to the community. I hope I can help you in the best way.

    Hello Fujis, you are listening to the sound on tv or headset, regardless of what, check on the sound part of the Xbox if it is in Stereo, why if you are in audio 5.1 or 7.1 the channels are separated and on a Stereo device will not hear certain sounds.

    Press the Menu button on the Xbox Settings'General'volume Audio Output" controller and place it in Uncompressed Stereo.

    I hope this help.

    Best regards,

  3. XBF Javier R Win User

    How do you get a purchase receipt for free roblox game on xbox one

    Hello Mark,

    We understand that you're experiencing an issue concerning the need for a purchase receipt being requested by Roblox on your Xbox One console.

    Could you clarify where this request stems from, as in, does the game require this information when trying to launch Roblox?

    Considering that Roblox is a free game, all that should be needed to access the game is to ensure that when in the Microsoft store, Roblox shows an install or get option.

    Clarify the above, and or check the Microsoft store on the console and let us know how this goes.

    Best wishes!
  4. Peter R Fleming Win User

    Roblox chat

    What I meant by Roblox Developer is someone that works for Roblox and develops the Roblox game engine and platform not someone that makes games using the Roblox game engine.

    Additionally try reaching out to roblox support.
  5. ArminatorX Win User

    Found xbox admin abusing powers, or a hacker. What do i do???

    Althoug you are playing Roblox on a Xbox console, interactions with other players is governed by the Roblox Terms of Service, you will have to contact immediately
    in regards to your account security and hackers threatening you.
  6. jerbear30ky Win User


    it might a glitch with roblox send a report with roblox

Roblox on console

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