screen diming issues

Discus and support screen diming issues in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; When I start a game the picture is nice and bright. I start moving around and pushing buttons and the screen gradually dims. Once I stop pushing... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by FleeingWig447, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. screen diming issues

    When I start a game the picture is nice and bright. I start moving around and pushing buttons and the screen gradually dims. Once I stop pushing buttons and moving around, the screen reverts back to being nice and bright. I only had the console for about
    a month. Any help would be great!!

    FleeingWig447, Dec 31, 2013
  2. malchello
    malchello Guest
    Link Windows Live Ids?

    nickel diming me for such a basic thing...
    malchello, Dec 31, 2013
  3. Newoutlaw929
    Newoutlaw929 Guest
    Xbox Live Gold Renewal for 33% off

    So wrong, false advertising. I have the same message and it is not giving me the discount. Really Microsoft, nickel and diming people!
    Newoutlaw929, Dec 31, 2013
  4. IceStorm III Win User

    Nickel and Dimes

    [quote user="Beta Bri"]It does.[/quote]No, it does not. Gaming went mainstream. The mainstream does not care.
    to the point of deluding themselves into defending bad quality products and services that they have happened to have purchased,
    I don't see that having anything to do with age.
    If that isn't Microsoft Corp. spin, I don't know what is?
    You can either acknowledge what is happening, or you can remain ignorant. You, as an individual, are not going to stop this process. This
    is what developers want, this is what publishers want, this is what the content industry as a whole wants. It's the reason for SOPA, it's the reason for ACTA. Microsoft is not going to just ignore what the content industry is doing.
    The day everything
    that has to do with ethereal products in gaming, computers, ect.? It's the day, people will stop purchasing those products.
    What are you talking about? Virtually the ENTIRE PC GAMING INDUSTRY is licenses. GOG's about the only place you can buy and OWN
    a game without a license requirement. Steam, Direct2Drive, GfWL, Impulse, Desura - they're all licenses. You don't "own" PC games any longer, and haven't for years.
    People like to purchase/own tangible products that do not exclusively reside on some
    corporate "faith based corporate server system",
    Some do. Most do not.
    they will "sell you the newer version at a discounted price."
    Games worth remaking get fairly decent treatment. Witness all the later day PS2 classics getting HD treatment,
    then coming to non-BC PS3s.
    See above.
    The current mainstream gaming culture does not care.
  5. Beta Bri Win User

    Nickel and Dimes

    [quote user="IceStorm III"]Depends entirely on the product.[/quote]

    It is clear (to me, anyway) that the younger generations (35 and under) are completely *clueless* as to what criteria constitutes a "quality product". You've grown up with so much bad quality stuff, that you accept it as the standard norm and defend it!
    (Sickening to say the least...)

    We're currently at a crossroads, headed into license-only territory. All 360 games are ephemeral (even the ones on disc). For an ecosystem not designed for long-term usage, the 360 is fine.
    Welcome... to the past! Welcome to the crash of 1983!

    What's old, is new again...!!!
  6. CoreyN14 Win User

    Nickel and Dimes

    [quote user="brandiesel1"]

    [quote user="LostKauz"]

    [quote user="Murderstyle75"]

    As long as its allowed...


    This is where you are incorrect. It is not allowed. Comparison Threads only end up being a Flame War. You know that, I know that. That's why they are not allowed.

    take "loyalty" to an extreme, Pro's or Con's.

    As for people not having a "problem" even posting Negative about another Product, I do. I still Report those for Off Topic as

    . This is still, not


    Dude, you're 40. Please tell me that you were joking when you said you report off-topic threads. Seriously? Wow, you take a videogame forum way too seriously.


    Why Soo Serious haha.
  7. That Darn Cat 2 Win User

    Nickel and Dimes

    [quote user="SNAKExEATER4545"]

    Just a helpful note about virus protection for your computer. Even though it sounds crazy, but try out Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a free download and I have had it on two computers, I have not had any issues with it.
    And back to the console part, I think everyone has had to deal with some issue with the 360. Some people have had better luck than others and that is all it has come down to.


    Thanks for the helpful input. I have heard of & used Microsoft Security Essentials, and at times it can be a wonderfully useful malware removal tool. But allow me to be the first to warn you that
    there are viruses out there which have the sole purpose to attack Microsoft Security Essentials & therefore corrupt your anti-virus software. I came across a virus a while back that, upon using MSE to get rid of
    it, basically made me delete important parts of Windows, rendering my computer incapable of Start Up. The virus makes your MSE think that there is a serious virus that needs to be deleted, causing key files on your computer to seemingly mimic a virus file,
    therefore making you delete said virus only to find that you're actually deleting your own operating system.

    That's why I use a whole cocktail of different malware removal tools (MSE not being one of them) in order to rigorously clean my PC from time to time.

    In an effort to stay on topic, allow me to say that I don't think Microsoft's products are terrible, on the contrary, the substance of their products is quite good. It's just that reliability & longevity have never been Microsoft's strong suit.
  8. That Darn Cat 2 Win User

    Nickel and Dimes

    [quote user="Murderstyle75"]

    You can bet that if they would have continued this way of doing things on the 360, they would have sold many more units not to mention many of our games would have been developed better because they would not be multiplatform.


    I agree, but in the long run, they would have made much less money. And if these much maligned forums are any indication, that's all they care about: making money. Again this being both the beauty & the bane of capitalism: that a company's sole directive
    is to increase their profits at any cost, even if if means putting out a less quality product in order to do so.

    I just think back to the innumerable Red Rings of Death I'm sure many of us have had, and the new consoles we had to pay out of pocket for in order to replace 360s that were maybe a year old, as well as the countless viruses my Windows operating system has
    been the victim of over the years, and I see a company that has its priorities not where the consumers want them to be.

screen diming issues

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