Discus and support Security in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; How do I change the email for my xbox account? d8be96c2-35a7-4514-ab54-debbe60392be Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by O'SavionBuckner, Jul 29, 2020.

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    How do I change the email for my xbox account?

    O'SavionBuckner, Jul 29, 2020
  2. onyxishere Win User


    First off, this is an older thread. You should create a new one detailing your issues.

    As for the search, that's something you'll need to take up with either google or twitter. If there is any kind of association with twitter and your xbox account or pic then google will list it.
  3. xXCamhawkXx Win User


    Reading your post, it seems like there are a couple nouns or verbs or something missing. Why can't you change your password to something else?
  4. Mad Cow Dizease Win User


    If you're able to post from your gamertag then I assume this is not an Xbox-related problem. Perhaps this is something you need to take up with the "guys in the shop"? Are you referring to your Windows 8 account?
  5. Miss Kleo Win User


    Hey ActiveLoneWolfX! Jameser here is correct, you can only promote an account on the console itself. In regards to the error though, have you tried using multiple browsers? Tried clearing your browser cache? Let us know. :)
  6. oatacus Win User


    I already had my credit card changed and if you read the whole story I said I had the fun time of changing my credit card accounts over to my new one. Also yes the bank statements had your credit card number on it, the last 4 digits. If your bank doesn't
    do that then you need to get a new one. I also complained to the post office. I am not an idiot. I have been at this for over a month and talked to everyone I could. The last party I have been trying to talk to about this is Microsoft and they refuse to
    give me an answer.


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