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Discus and support Sexual Harassment in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; This all went downhill when I was on the "looking for group" on Minecraft and when I had made a post saying, "Chatroom :)" for all ages and wanted 15... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Bonnie_2002, Apr 26, 2020.

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    Sexual Harassment

    This all went downhill when I was on the "looking for group" on Minecraft and when I had made a post saying, "Chatroom Sexual Harassment :)" for all ages and wanted 15 people to join and have fun. I got a text from this player, and he had called me a "thot"... I get somewhat
    a decent amount of criticize being a female and all on Xbox because "girls don't play video games." Anyways, I was in a party with a ton of boys and we were laughing at random stuff until I get a message from the player who called me a "thot" saying he wanted
    to talk privately, I assume it was a kid and said, "pss" - As soon as this was said, my account was suspended and the player who had called me a "thot" was an Xbox ambassador. Before he had sent me messages, saying that he was an Xbox ambassador but I thought
    it was a joke and laughed it off until my account was suspended due to "inappropriate behavior." After my account was suspended - he had told me to remove everyone from the party so he and I could talk. I agreed and removed everyone from the party and we started
    to talk. Firstly, he told me that I needed to stop acting like a child and to stop acting like I was high and mighty because I was in a party with some boys. I was confused and said, "I'm confused. You're allowed to call me a thot but I am not allowed to call
    you a pss?!" He continued and said it was "inappropriate behavior" and said that he called me a "thot" because he thought I was a male but never apologized for calling me a "thot." We both continued talking, I was very upset and confused by this because I
    didn't think it was at all fair. Anyways - he goes on to say that I was very pretty and said, "have you ever had a daddy before"... I thought to myself "is this how an Xbox ambassador really acts" and I said, "Uh, no..?" Then he goes on to ask for my socials
    and then he gives me tips that I should stop "slutting around on Xbox" because saying in group posts "chatroom" is really being a ho? The player then continues making me very uncomfortable by asking for my age, which is 17, and him saying that he is 20 and
    that he would love "to f***k from behind." The player continues to make snarky jokes, commenting that he wanted me to call him "daddy" and I am genuinely scared that he will DDos me if I decline his request on a relationship or nudes. Could someone please
    do something about this player, or Microsoft - please respond to this.

    His gamer tag is Papi Orpheus

    In my personal experience of Xbox - I have never dealt with something so unfair in my life. He is using his "Xbox ambassador" as an advantage to get me to be his girlfriend.

    Bonnie_2002, Apr 26, 2020
  2. Cu Mindset Win User

    I am very disappointed. I have been banned unfairly from xbox live.

    I just got banned because someone sexually harassed me and I told them to stop sexually harassing me and I'm the one that got banned
  3. I No Way I Win User

    GTA V DLC: Your Ideas

    Is this the sexual harassment guide?
  4. MisterSwitch Win User

    Sexual Harassment File..Complaint.. Where?

    Sexual harassment, and any harassment for that matter is already covered under the existing complaint options.
  5. Tetranomaton Win User

    Sexual Harassment

    All of the cynical posters that are spewing nonsense like "play a board game" and "change security settings" are missing the point that there are perverts on XBL that need to be tracked down and removed... The fact that there is nothing being done other
    than "blocking and ignoring" is disgusting as well as sad. It shakes my confidence in how Microsoft handles it's customers safety... I hope they figure out a better way to keep these sick individuals from contacting anyone, let alone minor children...
  6. mustangguy Win User

    Sexual Harassment

    You wouldnt like my nude pic but we do need another better way to let ms know so they do a half way job. Yea I agree Vaynel they do have a small team which tells me they either dont care and just want out money or xbone broke the bank. We just need a better
    way and I would love to send video of cheaters just to have proof. I think if ms is in violation of their own TOS if they dont do anything. I think they add a update to xbox live for 360 for when we report people add a comment about it

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