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Discus and support Sharing DLC in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I have 2 XB1 consoles in our house but only 1 Gold membership. We have set it up so that the main account plays on the console that isn't set as the... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by dona3853, Aug 29, 2019.

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    Sharing DLC

    I have 2 XB1 consoles in our house but only 1 Gold membership. We have set it up so that the main account plays on the console that isn't set as the home console thereby being able to share the XBL features. My kids both love playing Forza Horizon 4 so
    we have 2 copies (discs) so that they can play at the same time. My question is, if I bought the Fortune Island DLC with my main account (the one with Gold membership) could the other account/ console get access to the DLC?

    dona3853, Aug 29, 2019

    I didn't receive the deluxe edition of Battlefront ii

    The DLC is account based, so only the account that bought it has the licence. Although DLC should be game shared in most if not all cases, so if your sharing it should be. Are you referring to game sharing?
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    Restoring DLCs from old Xbox One

    Are you playing on the account that purchased the DLC, or are you playing on a new account that is game sharing with the account that purchased the DlC? If you are Game sharing with your dads account or the account that bought the DlC. Then you wont be able
    to use any of the DLC. Game sharing/ Homing only allows you to play another persons games. It will not allow you to play the DLC. If you are playing on the same account that previously purchased the DLC. You should be able to go to Fallout 4 in the store and
    re download the DLC with out paying for it.
  4. DIPDIP0TAT0CH1P Win User

    Family of 4 with 2 XBOX's

    If the base game is all working through game sharing, then unfortunately the publisher has made the DLC specific only to the purchaser of the DLC.

    Some Publishers are not allowing some DLC to be shared, and they need to be purchased individually.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  5. Temhotabot Win User

    sharing DLC

    There is sort of a way. You could move the DLC to a USB flash drive and simply just remove it when you are not playing. Of course that would also suggest that the people whom use your console are not smart enough to just download
    it again via your account. So you should also keep your profile on a USB flash drive as well or set a pass code on it to prevent unauthorized access.

    Without access to your account they would not be able to re-download the content, unless they purchase it with their account.

    DLC sharing

    hi WoolenRaccoon56 there are many things which may be the cause of this,

    First thing I want you to do is to ensure that your cousins account is set to your Xbox as home.

    If that doesn't work ask your cousin if he has bought it as a disk version or actually downloaded it as a add on

    Finally if that Does not work have you tried playing a rise of iron game mode to see if it allows you to play it as it may not come up as a dlc

Sharing DLC

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