Sony: resurrecting CRT TVs.

Discus and support Sony: resurrecting CRT TVs. in XBoX TV Hardware to solve the problem; Sony (Televisions): resurrecting CRT TVs. I have never complained about an uglt video game pucture except when i was 8 comparing Atari 2600 to... Discussion in 'XBoX TV Hardware' started by TripleTopper321, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Sony: resurrecting CRT TVs.

    Sony (Televisions): resurrecting CRT TVs.
    I have never complained about an uglt video game pucture except when i was 8 comparing Atari 2600 to Colecovision.

    I have never complaing the details were nit fibe enough of the anomation wad too slow.

    That i i do notice is non-crt tv having gonsistenynlag issues.

    The reasonsvehy CRTs were abandoned was because "movie sized TVs" took an American football team to move it in your house when it got beyond 20 inches diagonal. And I think 20 inches diagonal for 4 x 3 has more screen real estate than 20 inchescdiahonal
    for 16x9.

    On my crt Imac, i can get Michael Larson tupe scores oj Whammy, despite 5he fact he used paterns,and I was running on reflex. Plus I had a "shot clock" that makes larson scores even harder. I got 120k. Apparently less than 100 people though t like me
    anf got higher. One got 10M. Single digit competitors got 1M. Considering millions of people play, that's good.

    In 2002 my iMac was a CRT iMac. Years later gohnd it on a retro flash site, played it on a flat iMac screen cand could win. But the brst ai got wad 15K,cand my strategy always failed.

    Then I booted the CRT iMac and hot Larson-luke Scores.

    How nych delay is in actypical 2008 and 2013 iMac monitor? If it',s 1-2 frames, I don't know if a "liw ping TN monitor is low enpouh pung at 10-16 ms

    Instwad of trying a TN mojitor and complaining if THAT'S too slow, i'd rather ask a fww questions.

    Since I never owned a PC I am a VGA noob.b U heard VGA monitors were varisble pixel and frame monitor. I understand a sfreen total is measured as a maximum product if pixels if width x pixels of height by franes per second. And that all higher a vga standards
    are backwards compstible with lower vga standards, what id the minimum oroduct i need in square pixel hertz To play the following: 240p, 480i, 480p, 720pz 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p multiplied by an appropriate hertz rate.

    Alo can i get a 4x3 screen and have it letterboxed to 16x9?

    I don't have a PC plus processinf the screem directly is less ping than video capture. Ate there video captire cards that take those high def pictures wnd translate 5henbon analog CRT monitors. I heard variable monitors a are pure analog, digital decoding
    HDMI to vga is as simple and ping free as playing a .wav cd file. Thar's pure digiralz but the soeakers think it's analog. Ivheard DECODING from digital us cheaper, easier. And quicker transfofing one resolution to wnother ir ENCODING to HDMI.

    Here's tge million dollar question::i know pibg is relative. A ccr produces enough ping to throw off a light gun's aim, and may desynch shutter 3D like Sega Sfope, but everuthing else should work fine cpike abgamecsignal pipedninto a vcr. But bumping into
    a DVDR caused enough delay to get a light gun desynched.

    My main main question is us tge delay only significant enough to be light gun noriceable?

    And here'sca dogooder question? I understandvwhen people proposed FRT recycling, it was suppoa3d to ve recycled into many things.b However the only product that CRT glasd can be recycled yo is other CRT glass. If thst's the case, i iiot a wuesyion ahout
    movie buffs vsvgame buffs tasts in TVS.

    Based on wgat I see and ny persobalfriends whwho wad a basic cablebTV video game playing star, cliseness to svteen is more valued be than size, and screens xan be too big. I yhink yhe ideal is big rnough to see twitchy details, but small enough to scan
    the wholr picture. Or a 24 inch 16 x 9 screen is optimal.

    Also passive eatchers eant as big a svreem as possible, hrnce giant m9vie dcreens and 40 8nches bring a baseline movie TV ehere you notice differences between 1080p and 2160p.

    Most movie watchers don't need to pause at an edact frame, abdbif the do, they use frame advance/ frame retreat to fine tune a frame. Ad long as the audio,video,a and 3d devixe arensynched with each other, no one cares sbout ab1 second delay.

    Since the only people who notice, let alone care about delayvwould normally want a screem they can carry. No one wants to hire a US Foitball team. if movies have "the bigget the vetter" as a motto, but games have sn optimal size, which is 2-hand single
    person portable when carrying nothing else, and since CRT glass is sitting phydicalky unable to be anything othet than CRT glass, wht not vuy the glass fdirt cheap and makemodern 16x9 ganer sized TVs with HDMI, VGA and older inputs.. (don't forget NTSC for
    systems oldet than NES.) And make a 4x3 light gun midebif composite, s-video, compnent,anf RGB SCART are used.

    I heard all of the felay voned from TV screen buffer stroage and "drawvtime" and analog to dihifal vonversiobs as well as as cross resolutiob digital to digital conbversions.

    So currently, what kibd if CRT VGA monitor do i neef for an affordable 1080P replucationz which is probably 729p for a 1y inch 4x3, the cheapest pissibly vompatible ones i can find, snd where dies obe fibd aN HDMI to VGA adapter with 1ms or less ping? Abd
    can liwer resolutoons like 240 RHlGB for SMS,. Genesis, SNES and Saturn work?

    Id it pretty enoygh toTwitch/Mixer watchable, and the delay considered zetoping for most ganes?

    By the way I heard Xbox one S and C usevvariable pixel/hertz minitirszveilk the obe givevthise different resoltions and framerates natuveky vua CRT VGA?

    PS ignore the midel and manufacturer because it wib't post my question unless i categorize it.

    TripleTopper321, Dec 6, 2019
  2. IceStorm III Win User


    [quote user="phugor"]I'm not sure what you're referring to about Sony blaming Panasonic for skimping on the electronics.[/quote]I'm saying blame Panasonic for skimping on the electronics. Sony was able to create a direct view CRT that accepts 720p input.
    Panasonic not doing so means Panasonic did something wrong.
    And most CRT HDTVs only support 1080i and 480p
    Sony direct view CRT HDTVs support 720p. If other companies didn't want to add that, it's on them. The direct view CRT HDTV market is tiny
    compared to what has followed.
    because telling people to get a new TV is not a solution.
    It is when your TV was faking HD anyway. CRT HDTVs don't have a true 1920 columns of resolution. They max out around ~1700 columns. They're using tricks to
    display an HDTV image. They're also a tiny fraction of the HDTV install base.
    I see no reason why MS wouldn't add 1080i support in the next update.
    Because interlacing is a hack?
  3. Lei Fang DOAX3 Win User

    I have decided not to upgrade to 4K


    Hello "BluSwirl" :)


    I was refering to the resolution CRT TVs when the Original Xbox was still around


    CRT TVs are 480p?


    Have a nice day or afternoon or night "BluSwirl" :)

  4. CAMMofTHRONES Win User

    Removing LCDs from the recommendation list

    I know what you mean. Before this Sony Bravia, I had a Sony Trinitron Wega CRT HDTV and LOVED that tv. Stunning quality for being 6 years old. Long story short I sold it and needed a new tv. Could not believe how poor most of the new LCD tvs looked
    compared to the CRT. The LCDs were just jagged and massive motion blur. I am very anal about that. So as I said above, this Sony Bravia LED was THE best tv I could find after 30 days of trial and error and just a complete headache. Very stressful way to
    start the new year. After trying all the tvs including plasmas,LED, and LCD, I narrowed it down between Sony and Samsung both LEDs. But putting both tvs side by side, the Sony won especially in terms of color. Samsung is very very good though. My 2nd choice
    for sure. The one thing I loved about the Sony Bravia is that you can have a PIP along with P&P (Twin Picture or Picture and Picture) for any imput. Which means you can have a 360 and PS3 on the tv at the same time and split the screen any way you want.
    Samsung only did PIP. I personally dont like PIP but I love the P&P.
  5. DKardinal Win User

    How can I convince my friend to use HDMI?

    I hate using my 27" CRT TV :(
  6. Nielo TM Win User

    Plasma or LED?

    Plasma consumer more power but that doesn't translate into more heat. That's in fact a myth. My 42G30 is similar to the LCD I replaced (40C580). My 2209WA Dell Monitor runs hotter than my 42G30, which is now replaced with LED-LCD. Read Projections TVs are
    no longer sold in the UK so I can't comment on that. They stopped selling them more than 3-4 years ago. Can't believe you still have that. I still used my CRT (Sony KV-21CL10U) when I got my first Sony LCD. I hate CRTs but Sony WEGAs are an exception. The
    42G30 way better so I'm happy.

Sony: resurrecting CRT TVs.

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