Store Main Page not loading :(

Discus and support Store Main Page not loading :( in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; [IMG] submitted by /u/Pschirki [link] [comments] Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Pschirki, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. /u/Pschirki
    /u/Pschirki Guest

    Store Main Page not loading :(

    /u/Pschirki, Jul 30, 2019
  2. WombRaider83 Win User

    WWE 12 servers, why u so bad?

    Still cant get the search feature to work, just stays on loading forever. But the main page loads quickly.
  3. imcameronhaghgo Win User

    Skyrim - wont load saved games when I try to play try to play on my new xbox 360 S

    To clarify, it doesn't let me click "load" on the main page of the game
  4. Jon_K_H Win User

    Solitare games

    Yesterday and today both Solitaire and Jigsaw will not come up, Get the solitaire collection main page and the jigsaw collection main page and they just stay there. I tried unloading Solitaire and then re-loading and nothing changed.
  5. GargosTheMighty Win User

    Stuck on a store item

    I'm having the same issue. I clicked on Spartan Assault and can't go back. I go to the Home screen, press my menu button and choose Quit. There are NO background instances of the Store running. I can even shut the console down and turn it back on but every
    time I relaunch the store, it loads up by default to this same stupid game's page.

    Seriously, Microsoft? How hard can it be to add a freakin' BACK BUTTON?????

    EDIT: So I went back and cycled the power on my machine and even that won't work. The store still loads this game's page. Saying GO BACK or hitting B on the controller takes me to the XBox's Home screen, not to the store's main page. This is BEYOND ridiculous.
    The store is completely broken at this point for me... even for the necessary apps I would like to download.
  6. Rixander Seventy Win User

    minesweeper adventure mode doesn't load anymore

    update and I was able to play but when I went to my game box or what ever profile page or game box page that shows minesweeper main page loads but now I can not get access to minesweeper adventure which fails to load

Store Main Page not loading :(

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