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Discus and support Streaming on Xbox in XBoX on Mobile to solve the problem; Hello everyone, I live in Russia, and as I heard it, streaming from xbox to mobile devices has become officially available, I configured everything... Discussion in 'XBoX on Mobile' started by ClaimingDuke263, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Streaming on Xbox

    ClaimingDuke263, Jan 21, 2020
  2. McX was here Win User

    Game DVR Xbox App

    Sorry, but it is not currently possible to upload console-streamed game videos. When you record a streamed game, the GameDVR video is associated with the Xbox app, not with the streamed game (because the recording feature doesn't know you are streaming or
    what you are streaming). Consequently it cannot be uploaded (Xbox Live knows that the Xbox app is not a game).
  3. maxen Win User

    XBOX 360 and Game Streaming

    Are you trying to stream a game from Xbox 360 to Windows 10? That's not supported - the media center of old was for streaming videos and songs.

    There is a way to stream Xbox 360 games to Windows 10, but it involved using an Xbox One and playing the backwards compatible Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, then streaming the Xbox One to Windows 10.
  4. Viper7Gamer Win User

    Game streaming

    Are you using the Xbox Console Companion on your PC trying to stream from Xbox or the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview)?

    Try going to Device connections on your Xbox and make sure Xbox is able to connect.

    Also check Allow Play To streaming and Allow game streaming to other devices.

    System > Devices & streaming > Device connections
  5. DrifterX22 Win User

    Will Xbox offer a comparable streaming service to Stadia?

  6. LegoNinja187 Win User

    unable to stream xbox to laptop using xbox console companion

    Are you minimizing the Xbox console companion app while using to stream your Xbox to it?

    Why are you wanting to stream your xbox to the laptop?

    Are you running anything else on the laptop whilst trying to stream?

Streaming on Xbox

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