Discus and support Suspension in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; They really need to change the enforcement man. They should make it that if you say something bad to someone else check the chat between you and the... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Sxs something, May 16, 2019.

  1. Suspension

    They really need to change the enforcement man. They should make it that if you say something bad to someone else check the chat between you and the person that you said the bad thing to so they can suspend the other guy if they said anything else bad. Not
    just look at whatever the thing is that you said bad and just suspend you because of what you said no matter what. Please just change it right away you snitches!!!!!!!!!

    Sxs something, May 16, 2019
  2. Daft Badger Win User

    Suspension On Top Of Suspension

    Because you are the one that is suspensded from comms,not your friends.

    Anyway,the enforcement team don't use the forums.

    For info on any enforcement action you have you can go to the enforcement site
    here where you can also file for a case review if eligible.

    Your 2nd suspension would be for a separate offence that happened before you were issued your first suspension.
  3. ngocphi Win User

    Suspension On Top Of Suspension

    You only serve one suspension at a time however if they find something else that violates the terms of a use while are investigating the previous report that's when as daft mentioned when they add another which queues after the previous one finishes

    Best bet be human and you can join the rest of 99.9% of live and be suspension free
  4. pyroMercenary28 Win User

    Suspension On Top Of Suspension

    I am going to add an addendum here as well:

    Why, exactly, is it still okay for people to message XBL users who are suspended? Why can my friends still invite me to Parties, when I can't hear them or communicate with them in any way? Why can strangers still message me, when I have no way of messaging
    them back? Shouldn't my friends at least get some sort of message informing them that I've been suspended, and thus unable to engage in communications?

    Or, perhaps, just change the suspension so that players can still communicate with friends, and just be banned from any communication with strangers (including receiving messages). Y'know, something logical.
  5. ngocphi Win User

    Invisible suspension ?

    are you sure it says code of conduct suspension or an update your payment method suspension completely different things

    Payment method suspensions won't show on enforcement site

    Enforcement suspensions could also be an console suspensions which means you need to check every account on the console to see if which one of those incured the suspension via the enforcement site

    Should be noted extension suspensions that were added during a previous suspension will not show up and youd have to call support to see if there is one
  6. An Xbox Dude Win User

    account suspention

    Is this just a suspension or a permanent suspension?


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