Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

Discus and support Suspensions? What kind of circus is this? in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi all, I will get right to the meat of the matter here. If I had the patience I would look for the right complaints forum but Microsoft/Xbox are... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by WillMcBroom, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. WillMcBroom
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    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    Hi all,

    I will get right to the meat of the matter here. If I had the patience I would look for the right complaints forum but Microsoft/Xbox are simply not user nor community friendly anymore, so perhaps someone here could help me figure all this out.

    On August 9th, I had a communications suspension of 24hrs for the first time in my entire time of being an (I and my many many friends over the years would believe) valued member of the Xbox gaming community. I received the ban because an absolutely "model"
    Xbox member chimed into a conversation another member and I were having over the server and started speaking grotesque connotations pertaining to homosexuality. It then evolved into a slowly brewing argument with a plethora of personal attacks. He called me
    out on my honorable and proud military background over and over again, this I found distasteful but not worthy of anything but a chuckle and to put him in his place mildly. Then, when he could not get much more out of me, he heard my children through the mic
    playing in the background. He made absolutely vile remarks of abducting my children in a white van and slicing my wife's breasts off. Now, naturally I have witnesses, friends from the lobby I was playing in, and worst of all, this was played through the speakers
    of my headset along with the speakers of the tv. My wife and children heard this disgusting talk. Naturally as a former US Marine, my duty in life is the protection of my family, those around me. When their safety is in jeopardy, I will do whatever is necessary
    to protect them. As stated, in the beginning I brushed it off as some punk kid talking a little trash, but when my family was involved I went wild and said as openly then as I do now, "if you even come near my family I will bury you in my backyard before you
    had the chance". This is what any loving and protective father and husband would say when someone even "jokes" about mutilating their wife and abducting their children. He said I would never find him, my response is that it would not be hard for the authorities
    to find him, he left too many breadcrumbs for even non law enforcement to point him out in a crowd. The end result.... I was suspended, unknown for him. Now you may say, "24hr ban, whats the big deal?", to that I say, I have a very strong moral compass that
    points due north at all times. I am driven by principles. I contacted Microsoft, I got someone from the Philippines who really was quite a nice guy, but it just goes to show how little Microsoft care about their customer base. The ones who keep them in work
    and pay for their flashy things. I told him I accept my suspension for what I said, but it was necessary, what would he have done? I reaffirmed that this is a criminal act, a threat of grievous bodily harm to my wife, kidnapping of my children... These are
    very serious offenses, even to"joke" about. He informed there was nothing that he could say regarding the matter. I then informed him that if I go to work someday and something were to happen, Microsoft would be completely liable for the ramifications as I
    would certainly follow up on what I had said should it happen.

    Then just tonight, I came home from work, speak with my wife for a while, played with the kids and asked them how their days were. I then grab a beer and go back to the games room to play Grand Theft Auto 5 online for maybe 15mins as it is late and I simply
    wanted to spin the casino wheel. As I get to the casino entrance I had another player just continually kill my character, when he was done provoking me and drove away, he finally had my attention as he wanted so much. I sent him as message and said "why run
    like a [modremoved]?", naturally, I was suspended again. Once again, I admit fault for the offensive language. However this is where I get to the crux of the situation... What the hell happened to Microsoft and the Xbox community? Before you sit there and
    say, this guy brought it on himself, just know I have been a member with a very high reputation status from 2008 or something ridiculous like that until these events. I never instigate/provoke. I will retaliate to some underage punk who legally should not
    be on an R18+ game in the first place (what the hell are his parents thinking? Are they?) that pushes and pushes till anyone goes... Okay pal, you're ruining my experience, my 1hr wind down from work, you asked for it. I then speak one little thing that is
    hardly offensive and I am suspended but nothing from Microsoft to ask, what happened? We value our customers, especially ones that pay our bills and have done for over a decade. And then WHAT THE HELL is Microsoft thinking when someone threatens lives and
    nothing is done about it? If my wife or children had anything happen to them, I would first do as promised, then sue the absolute pants off of Microsoft for allowing this to manifest.

    I really want to know why Microsoft is allowing their fan base to diminish with the acts of underage gamers playing a game that is not monitored enough, provoking other gamers into retaliation that ultimately ends up in a completely [mod removed] result.
    And horribly violent gamers speaking of heinous depraved acts of violence that would end up in something horribly serious and negative to all, including the fat cats. Frankly a lot of us are sick of the negative change to the community over recent years. I
    personally am likely to completely remove my entire family's accounts and cease in pouring money into Microsoft. Can somebody please answer as to why this all is allowed nowadays? Why some provoking turds can have another suspended over a very minor and hardly
    even a curse word anymore, yet nothing is done to someone who threatens lives and in great and horrible detail? Negligence much?

    So after all that, I appreciate your time if you have read and understand my concerns.

    WillMcBroom, Sep 5, 2019
  2. Njal the Blue Win User

    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    Nobody on the forums can really assist with anything relating to Enforcement and they do not use the forums.

    First off, no matter how much somebody taunts you, retaliating is what they want you to do (had plenty of trolls myself) The best and only way to deal with them is report, mute and block and never respond. It doesn't matter who started an argument, if you
    violate the code of conduct and get reported, you will get a suspension.

    Messaging a player in the way you did in GTA5 is a violation of the code of conduct and obviously you got reported.

    As to age specific games, it is onl;y an offence to sell a game to a minor. If a parent believes that their child is capable of dealing with a mature themed game, then there is no law to stop that parent from allowing their child to play such games

    I completely understand your frustration and would suggest reviewing all the information contained on the Enforcement site.
  3. annix Win User

    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    The best advice to be given is when someone is speaking to you in a tone that you don’t like, immediately disengage. Even if they’ve said something horrible to you first, it doesn’t change the community guidelines. The enforcement team reviews all of the
    relevant communications when deciding on a ban or suspension, but makes no judgement as to whether a reaction is justified.

    Review the community guidelines and code of conduct here. If someone has broken them, report them and disengage, simple as that.
  4. x EeMBe x Win User

    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    Well one advice i can give you is to always report people like that, if they send messages report the message itself and then block them. But never reply to these baits. All they want is a reaction so they can report you. The ToS have gotten a lot stricter
    in recent years and it isn't worth risking your account with many $ spent on it to be banned forever. Report, block and move on.
  5. SuprX BR Win User

    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    without control of this situations will be for sure a circus;
  6. IRB Win User

    Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

    It is easy to say, but you should never engage with these types of people when they start behaviour like that. Ignore them, report them and block them. If you reply with similar "language" and that is reported it will be looked at on its own merits. Two
    wrongs don't make a right and all that.

    for examle using colourful language etc between friends that don't mind isn't really an issue, but if it is reported then the Enforcement Team need to look at it and compare to the ToS.

    You can log in to
    to see more details about your suspension and if available, raise a Case Review.

Suspensions? What kind of circus is this?

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