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    Ok, I am writing this to tell about my experience with the enforcement team with Xbox. I am a streamer that plays a game called Dead by Daylight. I have come to realize that there are two extreme sides on the game. One side is very kind hearted and the
    other side is a bunch of people that want to troll and be toxic towards other people. At the beginning of the game as killer, the killer can see each gamer tag for the 4 people the killer is playing against. After the game, all the survivors can see the gamer
    tag of the killer as well. For a the first few weeks while I was playing the game, I would get some pretty nasty messages that were sent my way from people that were playing as survivors against me. Some of them were just messages that said "good game easy"
    or other light trolling, but some people got pretty vicious. These messages actually got to my wife because of how people were willing on acting towards other people. I decided I was going to do something about it. I knew reporting them wouldn't solve anything.
    There are too many of them, and taking Microsoft's time with too many reports. I decided to take an alternate route. The route I decided to take was to message each survivor before each game. I became committed to messaging each and every survivor. Not a bad
    message, but a nice message saying good luck in the game and have fun from the person playing killer. The idea was actually working!!! The toxic messages I was getting went from 1 message a game to maybe one toxic message a day or every other day! About a
    week later I had a player that became toxic with me. I decided I was going to address this person instead of ignore the message since the nice messages had been working. I messaged the person back and apologized that they didn't like the game and my playing
    style. I also wished them good luck with their future games and I bid them a good day. It worked! Bad news though, about a week after this I got a notice that I had the enforcement team after me. I read the message and it told me that I had been reported for
    harassment! ME reported for harassment. I saw that I was able to possibly put in for an appeal, so I opened the email and read. That was not the case. I was suspended from streaming as well as sending any messages for a day, and I was unable to discuss it
    with anybody. I thought this was a false report from somebody that was still mad at the game. I was frustrated that Microsoft would only take one side and not listen to the other. I did see that I could reduce the sentence to nothing if I "took accountability."
    I did the report and the suspension was removed. I continued playing and messaging other players after things calmed down. I got suspended a few days after starting to message other players again for the same thing. At this point, I became frustrated, but
    I was happy to see I could appeal this time. I stated to the enforcement team that I have not or will not EVER participate in any harassment or trolling of any players and I believe they received a false report. My response...They updated their side and said
    that the decision was upheld because I was suspended for spamming. After sitting on this for a few days, I have realized that Microsoft has a spam filter if you send too many messages a day. It doesn't matter what the messages say I'm sure. There is now no
    way for me to contact the enforcement team and discuss this any further because the decision was upheld. I have to wait out the suspension and now have 2 strikes against my account. On my end it really feels like the trolls are winning due to something like
    this. I am sorry to say, but I have learned my lesson. I wont be sending any more messages, but I fear the Dead by Daylight community is going to become toxic towards my wife and I once more. Since Microsoft is worried about people or bots sending ridiculous
    messages, they have a message limit and I have obviously met that, and they don't seem to care or want to discuss it. I wish my experience was better, but I guess this is what it is.

    Evilviper21, Jul 9, 2019
  2. The Viral Cyrix Win User

    Why am I Banned?

    They wont reduce your suspention
  3. GFW Thomas Win User

    Locked: getting banned mistake

    Please post in the account suspention forum.
  4. IsaacClarkeSNL Win User

    about being bannend for a day..

    They don't investigate 24 hour suspentions.
  5. PHISHPOND Win User

    Maybe there is hope....

    where do i find the suspention fourms
  6. seanbovett Win User

    No multiplayer but connected to Xbox Live

    Is it possible you have a Halo specific gaming suspention?


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