Switching TV channels by voice or OneGuide with SAT receiver not possible

Discus and support Switching TV channels by voice or OneGuide with SAT receiver not possible in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Dear all, I am not able to switch TV channels by voice command or OneGuide. It works fine when I switch the Xbox One to a local cable provider, it... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by BayArea, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. BayArea
    BayArea Guest

    Switching TV channels by voice or OneGuide with SAT receiver not possible

    Dear all,

    I am not able to switch TV channels by voice command or OneGuide. It works fine when I switch the Xbox One to a local cable provider, it gives me still the wrong network as it jumps according to the channel given by the provider, but that's fine, it just
    shows it's working somehow for my device as well.

    I think the Xbox and the Guide don't know what network uses what frequency? Do you encounter the same problems here in Europe with your satellite receiver and could you solve it? Thanks a lot.

    BayArea, Jun 8, 2014
  2. soc.d
    soc.d Guest
    live tv with smart tv but without set top box

    I want to enjoy live tv with my xbox one. As I am using a smart tv with integrated digital sat receiver I don't have a separate set top box. How can I enjoy live tv in this configuration? I want to control the tv, the channels and the xbox one in parallel
    by voice command. Is this possible or do I need a separate set top box anyway?

    My target is to use as less boxes and devices as possible. Just xbox one (the all in one entertainment system) + smart tv + 5.1 dolby HiFi receiver for the sound. No extra CD, DVD, BlueRay Player or any set top box.
    soc.d, Jun 8, 2014
  3. Docu_822
    Docu_822 Guest
    Live TV on Xbox one using Sat-Receiver Technisat DigiCorder HD S2 in Germany with "Astra 19.2 all progamms" settings


    slowly but surely I become desperate with using Live TV on Xbox one.

    I have the following problems:

    1. Everytime I startup xbox, it also automatically switches on the TV, but not the sat receiver.
    2. Same for turning off the xbox with "xbox shutdown"-command. Sat receiver stays on after that.
    3. If I switch the receiver on via its remote AFTER the Xbox, I only get a black screen in the TV app. I have to switch on the receiver manually BEFORE I startup the xbox or I have to pull out the HDMI cable, which connects sat receiver and xbox and plug it
      in again in order to get a TV signal within the app.
    4. Its very difficult for the box to get voice commands right. In Germany, we have a lot of unisounus TV channel names. I. e.: ARD (non-HD) ARD HD, ARD infokanal, ARD festival, ZDF, ZDF infokanal, ZDF HD and so on and so forth. The box cant get the voice command
      "Watch ARD HD" properly. It always understands something French... Once it worked
    5. I can control the xbox with voice commands. Everything works. Even the volume control of the TV. BUT I can't use Live-TV to switch channels. IF the xbox understands the voice commands properly (i.e. 'Watch WDR HD") nothing happens. Xbox support already
      told me that for proper channel switching the box has to "see" the channel at least once.

      I tried it for the channel "ARD HD" and it worked once. But only once (also due to improper understanding of the channel). I have been trying other channels like easy-to -understand "RTL" but it havn't been working for that channel until know, although the
      voice command was understood properly AND I visited the channel in advance.
    I'm using a Technisat DigiCorder HD SD2 plus with 160 GB HDD.

    Model number is 0100-4720 (Although with that number you can't find any Technisat sat receivers within the Xbox Settings).

    For setting up the receiver correctly, I used the xbox built-in help menu, where the xbox sends signals to the receiver to find out, which receiver it is.

    Somewhere within the settings you have to select which TV-carrier you are using. There I can choose between

    • Astra 19.2 all programms
    • Astra 19.2
    • HD+
    • some other stuff I can't remember right
    I selected Astra 19.2. However, I don't know if thats correct, either.

    Has anybody else such problems with a German sat receiver or can help me out with those things??

    I really would appreciate to use voice commands for watching TV. Otherwise I bought kinect in vain.

    Because were else is it properly usable? Kinect Sports and Xbox fitness???

    If yes, I think have to do a lot of sports in front of the sensor to get a bit of value for my money :/
    Docu_822, Jun 8, 2014
  4. ArminatorX Win User

    One Guide

    Does the OneGuide show little channel numbers in the channel?

    If it's like in Germany with satellite TV, it's because the channel numbers are not the same on every set top box.

    Some cable networks have a fixed channel order, and OneGuide knows that on channel one, it's "ABC" on channel 2 it's "XYZ" and on channel 3 it's "HBO" and whatever.

    However, on satellite TV, it might be because you can order the channels to your own preference, and since OneGuide can't know which order your channels are, they don't offer the possibility to switch, indicated by the channels not having a small grey number
    in the corner.

    If OneGuide offers you a TV service with similar channel offerings like DirecTV, then you might try to choose that, and if you see small numbers in the corner, order your channels on your satellite set top box according to the channel ordering of that service.

    If you DO have small grey numbers on your channels in OneGuide, make sure your set top box can receive the IR signals sent out by your console.

    If you have an original Xbox One (not S or X model), make sure you have a Kinect sensor. Without Kinect, the original Xbox One has no means to send infrared commands.

    If you do have a Xbox One S or X with built in IR blaster, take out your smartphone, and activate the camera. Point it to the infrared window of the console, and issue a channel switch command in OneGuide. Observe your camera, and see if the infrared blaster
    is blinking on the console.

    if that's the case, make sure the set top box is positioned so, that it can detect the reflected infrared signals.
  5. NewBlacksmurf Win User

    Understanding and possibly using the HDMI pass through feature

    Hi Grampa Ralph2

    Yes - The Xbox One is required to be on (not off or in standby) to utilize the HDMI pass through


    This is best when you have an xbox one with the Kinect. If you do not have a Kinect, it may seem more cumbersome.

    If you have a Kinect, (or a IR cable that runs from the xbox one, into your SAT box) the use of the SAT box via the xbox one can offer simplicity.

    Turning on the xbox one, if you choose can turn on your TV and SAT box, as well as while using a xbox controller, smartglass, or the media remote, operate the SAT box with the *OneGuide which is the xbox version of your cable companies channel guide.

    *OneGuide is the app that allows you to watch TV, scroll channels, set favorite channels, jump from the xbox social or oneguide tabs to seemlessly watch TV via snap or full screen.

    I have an xbox one with the kinect for the main room and my kids and wife often loose the remotes so now, this has been a life saver as it operates the TV, SAT, xbox and sound bar simultaneously.

    The other xbox is upstairs in my office and it does not have a kinect however while on, i can still watch TV but the it requires me to use the other remotes.
  6. Hellfire IRL Win User

    Loving the June update

    I'm in NI so get UK TV, the recent update is amazing - all the TV functionality finally makes sense... I hope they do a OneGuide for the republic. It's just a case linking up all the teresstial channels to OneGuide with appropiate Voice commands, you'd think
    it's inevitable that it's coming.
  7. JT Kimbell [MSFT] Win User

    Need Code For Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform

    Mosi76 - have you gone to TV & OneGuide settings -> Device control -> cable/sat box and changed channel change speed to recommended or slow?

    It sounds like we are dropping digits as the signals are sent too quickly.
  8. bmacrow Win User

    Incorrect channel numbers on OneGuide - Freeview London using USB receiver

    it's weird i did a retune today and the receiver is picking up the correct channel numbers on the tune stage but oneguide is still reporting incorrect so the problem is not with the TV tuner and its settings it's actually with the oneguide software and/or
    the information its receiving.....someone needs to look into this!

Switching TV channels by voice or OneGuide with SAT receiver not possible

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