Syncing Issue.

Discus and support Syncing Issue. in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Twice now within the day my controller has randomly stopped working (brand new controller) with the light staying on like it’s connected. Well when I... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Jaserys, Sep 3, 2019.

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    Syncing Issue.

    Twice now within the day my controller has randomly stopped working (brand new controller) with the light staying on like it’s connected. Well when I go to sync it with the console, I press the button on the console and it makes the sounds, but the light on the console doesn’t blink and therefore won’t allow my controller to sync. The issue was fixed with a restart of the system and this has only started to happen recently.

    Could this be an issue with the system update given I’m a preview alpha member or is it a hardware problem? Please note again that the Xbox’s sync button does push in and does make the audible sound, just doesn’t blink to show willingness to sync.

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    /u/Jaserys, Sep 3, 2019
  2. Chaotic Abarth Win User

    Syncing Issues

    Thanks for your answer, I will try to force sync the way you suggest but I also own a 360 and I use cloud storage. Never had any problems with its saves when switching from the actual console to the xbox one's 360 "emulator". I really think there's something
    wrong with the xbox one's sync.
  3. IRB Win User

    Syncing Issues

    When I have tried doing that, between Xbox and pc it has been almost instant. It could be that the sync service is slow.

    It could be worth trying to quit the game on the other Xbox to see if it forces the sync before firing up the second Xbox. On the dash highlight the current game, click the menu button (3 lines) and choose quit. Might be worth trying.
  4. Jammyy Jolteon Win User

    Syncing issues

    Hi, I had a syncing issue yesterday actually, but my problem was not syncing at all.

    Have you tried removing your account off your console, then doing a hard reset, unplug power cable for 30 seconds, plug it back in and then start your xbox and recover your account again. I did that and everything was working fine again.

    Also dont worry if you remove your account from your console, its not deleting your xbl account, so doing this suggestion you wont lose achievements, gamerscore etc. As long as you know what your details are you can re add your account to your console straight
    after the hard reset.
  5. XBF Leslie D Win User

    Sync issues

    The sync button on my xbox one x will not work ive tried it all from powering down to the hard reset. Any ideas???
    Hi FaintestRoom26,

    I'm sorry to hear that there's issues with the sync button.

    I do know that there's an alternative way to sync your controller to the Xbox One.

    You can sync your controller by connecting it via USB cable to the Xbox, once plugged in do the hard reset to your console.

    Once it's back up try to see if you're able to use your controller wireless, or you can keep it wired.

    Here is a link in regards to this as well:
  6. Malacath Win User

    Syncing Issues

    Ive found to make sure everything syncs properly you have to fully quit out of a game when you have finished playing(press guide button then highlight game, press menu then select Quit)then leave console on dashboard for a couple of minutes before switching

    I always do this and never have syncing problems when moving between consoles.

Syncing Issue.

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