Discus and support Tax in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; So if I buy a a game that is 10.00$ and I have 10.74$ how much would I pay for tax? 71d5dbec-e917-4bd9-90fd-97392ff5a1a8 Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by kristina-0293, Apr 7, 2020.

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    So if I buy a a game that is 10.00$ and I have 10.74$ how much would I pay for tax?

    kristina-0293, Apr 7, 2020
  2. sniffles x Win User


    Well it depends what state you live in...but you say you are in the UK. If this is true, I recommend that you purchase content from the GB store.
  3. HyperVenom523 Win User


    It will depend on what state you are or region you should try to see if they charge you taxes
  4. PalmettoBling Win User


    It is regional, and in some regions it can be more specific, such as in the US some states require digital sales tax while others do not, so it can vary quite a bit. If you initiate the purcahse, prior to the last confirm, it should mention if there is
    tax included and you can see it from there with the full price of the purcahse. You can check that and decide before full confirmation if you want to purcahse the title or not.
  5. RandyAU93 Win User


    That will depend solely on where you live. Some countries charge sales tax on digital purchases, while others do not. Even in a single country, some regions charge that tax, and others do not. Your best bet is to contact your country/region's department
    of revenue or taxation and ask if they charge sales taxes on such purchases.

    That said, if you attempt the purchase with your gift card and it asks for another payment method to pay off the rest, that would answer your question, as well. You can always back out of the purchase before you confirm it, of course.
  6. Jaymo1978 Win User


    Any resident living within the European Union who purchases something from a country outside of the EU would be paying Value Added Tax as well as Customs/Excise Duty based on their specific region. Unfortunately, the only way to know that would be to look
    up your area's VAT and Customs Duty charge before making your purchase. If the item you're purchasing is a digital store item rather than a physical disc, I don't know if Customs applies (since that usually only applies to physical items that need to be searched/verified.)
    I do think, though, that some areas area beginning to charge Customs Duties on digital downloads as well.

    Not having purchased something that way, I can't say how it gets charged to you, but if it goes like it does here in the States, the cost of the taxes are calculated based on your location and added to the purchase price of your item. So, if you look up
    what the tax rates are in your area for those things, then add them to the $99, that should give you a close ballpark of what you would pay total.


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