Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

Discus and support Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Good evening. Understandably so, there is no way to communicate with the Xbox enforcement team regarding temporary bans; however, I see no reason why... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Odin Highwind, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    Good evening.

    Understandably so, there is no way to communicate with the Xbox enforcement team regarding temporary bans; however, I see no reason why the enforcement team can not be contacted unless it's a "serious" case to them. As one ambassador said in another person's
    discussion, by the time it does get addressed, the ban will not be in effect. That's a possibility, and it is acknowledged.

    Cookie cutter cases involving strong language in messaging are addressed immediately with 24 hour (in my case, 28 hours, so someone was either biased or heavy handed with the case) bans, but literally 50% of the community that, by definition, fulfill the
    conditions of "Unsporting Conduct", they walk away unscathed. Not all the time, but for the past few weeks in my case of feeling that I need to report it, 100% of the time, unscathed.

    My point, and I'm not here to say I didn't deserve the ban, because I've been called a whole lot of n-word and then some, sometimes just for speaking in game chat, and reported them myself, and have seen results. My point is, especially for 1st offenders
    and long time Xbox members, why is there no means of contacting the enforcement team AT ALL based on the severity of the case, which is left up to them?

    On the other side of it, it makes sense that we can not contact them, because anyone with a voice and customer service experience could potentially finesse a legitimate punishment and have it lifted due to compassion being involved in a situation that doesn't
    warrant it. That is a circumstance that I can see stemming from us, the players, being able to contact enforcement team members, and the chance of that priviledge to be maliciously manipulated.

    I'd like to think 90% of ambassadors and enforcement team members are gamers themselves. For that reason, and that reason alone, no matter how "simple" a case and violation may be, there are circumstances involving everything. That guy we reported for "quitting
    early" in a ranked match? May had to run their daughter to the hospital. That woman you're furious with because she's idle in a vehicle at the base and not helping the frontline and you're ready to report her for "unsporting conduct"? Might be a mother of
    two and one hurt themselves for not following directions.

    I still feel that, no matter how simple a case of "(insert any degree of vulgar language here)" might be, if community is a pivotal point of Xbox, then why do we not have the means to contact those that are meant to enforce policy, no matter how simple
    or trivial to the powers that be? I'm not saying that community isn't a pivotal point, because chances are, 95% of users that are reading this have contacted customer service at some point, and if you have, you know they love talking to us (great customer
    service, by the way). The system, as it stands, works as intended from the outside looking in. As a long time gamer and "community member", I'd like for those that feel that they have grounds to dispute or even discuss their bans to be allowed that opportunity,
    regardless of how expeditious the teams that are in place move or the duration of what's in question.

    In schools, children and teens can speak with their teachers, principals, or counselors regarding punishments. Adults can take things to court and or discuss charges with police officers as they're about to come into effect, before, or after, or even while
    charges are in effect. Why can we, the gamers, not talk to you, the enforcement team?

    Thank y'all for your time.

    Odin Highwind, Oct 7, 2019
  2. Odin Highwind Win User

    Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    In some cases as the other ambassadors, and users have mentioned, you can not in all cases.
  3. Smwutches Win User

    Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    For feedback or suggestions about possibly changing how enforcement is handled, you would want to post at https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxinsiders/wiki/ideas

    The enforcement team do not use the forums so you won't receive a response from them. But you did answer part of your question. Most first time suspensions are short. It typically takes about 72 hours for the enforcement team to review a suspension and determine
    if there was a mistake in issuing the suspension or not. So for 24 hour suspensions, the suspension is already over by the time the review is complete and they are already back online playing. So there's no longer anything for the enforcement team to uphold
    or overturn.

    The other thing is, the enforcement team investigates every complaint before issuing a suspension. Profanity is easy to spot which is why it usually gets enforced almost immediately. Other infractions take longer to investigate which is why you may be in
    a game with someone else and they were doing something wrong, ,but you immediately get suspended for language and they still get to play. It doesn't mean they won't get suspended, but it's just going to take longer for them to be investigated. Because of the
    investigations, it's extremely rare that the enforcement team makes a mistake. No suspension, no matter how small or severe the action, is issued lightly. So even in those scenarios you posted for the unsportsman like conduct, may end up going towards rep,
    but the enforcement team most likely would not issue a suspension over that.
  4. ImpaledGremlin Win User

    Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    The issue is the amount of time it would take up. For a small ban it's just not worth the hassle. Yes a more extended ban can be appealed and looked at and that seems fair but for those 24/48hr bans it would mean so many people would chance their arm
    and appeal or argue and the time taken to address it would be immense
  5. AngelObullets Win User

    Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    Well as said it does depend on case by case time basis :).
  6. Daft Badger Win User

    Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

    The enforcement team used to have their own section on the forums where people could dispute any enforcement action they had but as you can imagine things got quite heated & as it was in public everyone could see it.

    They changed to the system we have now a few years ago to keep everything private & on a one to one basis.

Temporary Ban Disputing: Current State

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