Teredo problem

Discus and support Teredo problem in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; I have Forza Horizon 4 and I can't play the game online. I opened 2 threads about this last year. I've formatted my pc 2 times trying to install... Discussion in 'XBoX on Windows' started by ArchilusIV, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. ArchilusIV
    ArchilusIV Guest

    Teredo problem

    I have Forza Horizon 4 and I can't play the game online. I opened 2 threads about this last year.

    I've formatted my pc 2 times trying to install Teredo Interface on my PC. Now when I type netsh int teredo show state it shows it like this:

    Teredo problem [​IMG]

    sometimes like this,

    Teredo problem [​IMG]

    and after a short while it turns out like this,

    Teredo problem [​IMG]

    Someone help me fix this? Even though it says dormant at times I don't have Teredo Tunneling Interface on my Device Manager.

    When it says dormant my XBOX Console Companion's network settings are like this:

    Teredo problem [​IMG]

    I'm thinking that maybe my ISP is blocking the 3544 Port for Teredo. I don't really know but I'm trying to make contact with them.

    Teredo problem [​IMG]

    I've almost lost my mind trying to solve Teredo issues over the PAST YEAR, with absolutely no luck. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP???

    ArchilusIV, Jun 12, 2019
  2. BobMcFly247 Win User

    Strict NAT. Will not open after trying all options. Losing my mind.

    Thanks for your feedback and the additional information.

    Are you getting an error like "cannot get Teredo ip" sometimes in the multiplayer test? Would you mind asking your provider if you are on a native IPv6 connection and if they maybe block the teredo tunneling protocol?

    Because if you setup the one being in the DMZ and still get a strict NAT it maybe a problem with the teredo protocol.

    As the 360 is not using the teredo tunneling protocol you do not experience any problems there and get an open NAT on it. Might be another indicator that this could be the problem.
  3. BobMcFly247 Win User

    NAT is all messed up...

    If having a problem with obtaining an Teredo IP adress you maqy plqease call your provider to ask, if they maybe block the teredo protocol, as the dlink routers are not blocking it.
  4. Wilfred Mac Win User

    Teredo Problem

    Hi Skyimsuchti,

    The incorrect configuration setting is one of the possible reasons why you are getting this error: "Teredo can´t qualify". To help you resolve this concern, we need to gather more information. Kindly answer the question below:

    • Are you using wired connection?
    • Have you made any changes on your device prior to this concern?
    • Have you tried resetting your Network settings?

    Meanwhile, the best solution to resolve this concern is to follow the troubleshooting steps provided on the link below:

    Xbox app NAT type on Windows 10 displays "Teredo is unable to qualify"

    If the issue persists, I suggest that you open your network ports using port forwarding. To do this, you may follow the steps on the link below under Open network ports using port forwarding. I also suggest that it would be best if you contact your Internet
    service provider when you do the port forwarding.

    Click here
  5. Mister Beep Win User

    Teredo problem

    Hey there,

    Are you running into this issue primarily on a Windows 10 PC? This sounds like a problem our
    Microsoft Support team will be better equipped to assist with, as we're focused on Xbox console's and gaming. Hope this helps!
  6. GetOuttaMyTree Win User

    Teredo problem

    Hi ArchilusIV,

    Sorry to here you are still having issue after all this time. I noted from your screenshots your NAT is set to strict. Are you able to change this on your xbox. Instructions to do so can be found at:


    also try:


    Secondly I know from my own research that sometimes it can be an issue with the modem/router blocking the ports and not allowing the NAT to be open or the Teredo to work properly.

    Have you search ed for similar issues for your make and model?

    Here is a similar issue someone had on FH3 that turned out to be router related:


Teredo problem

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