the com ban system needs to change

Discus and support the com ban system needs to change in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; i thinks it's total [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that people from the opposite team can send you messages after a game saying "get rect" "you're... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Paddle the Rabbit, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. the com ban system needs to change

    i thinks it's total [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that people from the opposite team can send you messages after a game saying "get rect" "you're trash" "[Mod Removed - Inappropriate]"...Keep Talking
    [Mod Removed - see Guidelines]

    and if you reply they report you... Granted I DID say "[Mod Removed - see Guidelines]" but I had 2 of them both messaging me then after they send a message

    "ladies and gentlmen....we got him" like [Mod Removed - see Guidelines] and I was com banned.

    that's total [Mod Removed - see Guidelines], the ENTIRE MESSAGE THREAD should be reviewed before banning the person being reported.

    and honestly the idiots who go around baiting people just to get them banned should lose their Xbox Live accounts and be both IP banned and CC or Debit card banned too.

    There shouldn't be any toleration for this. I PAY FOR MY SERVICE...i mind my own business and just try and have fun...I don't need people insulting me trying to intentionally get me banned.

    then XBL doesn't even have a way to dispute...I was streaming this...i could have took screenshots or video of what they did.

    that's such [Mod Removed - see Guidelines] that my gaming experience that I PAY FOR is taken away instead of the people who should have their accounts perma banned.

    Paddle the Rabbit, Sep 22, 2019
  2. XBF Amber M Win User

    the com ban system needs to change

    Paddle the Rabbit

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reach the enforcement team here on the forums. I recommend visiting our
    Enforcement websitefor all info regarding Bans/Suspensions.(Side note: Enforcement does not Post,
    Read, or Comment on Forums nor can support offer assistance.)

    If you were suspended for longer than a day, you can also submit a case review from the same Enforcement website. In future, should
    you run into a toxic player then Report,
    Block and Ignore the user, and do not engage them as Enforcement doesn't see anyone as defending themselves. They look towards the
    Code of Conduct/Community Standards for Xboxonly. Furthermore, once blocked, do not respond
    to any of their messages as this will unblock them from contact.

    If you'd like to contribute some ideas on how to make improvements to Xbox or about other ideas for the community, you may do so at the Xbox Idea Hub which is on Reddit.

    Since there is no further resolution and in an effort to minimize repetitive answers we will be locking this thread, but if you have any further questions or concerns feel free to come back to the Xbox forum (Do not repost the same question or
    thread as that would violate the Xbox Forum Guidelines).

    Happy gaming.
  3. XA JJKILLERs Win User


    have you tried smartglass and if you have sent them before you may have a com ban or your permissions changed
  4. Biggshow Win User

    Please start treating people who instigate trash talk and report people who respond more seriously

    I never respond because some friends have some stories about this. It sucks. But just try to avoid a response. Although I do feel that this system needs an overhaul. Some of these temp bans are ridiculous. But after seeing why some of my friends were coms
    ban was beyond frustrating. When "LOL" is a response to someone typing "you're trash" and the person typing lol gets 24 hours.. there is a problem.
  5. I am JeffRay90 Win User

    outlook update

  6. D4vid 360 Win User

    banning system

    Some comment can be offensive to someone, or, at least, can be properly reported as offensive.

    In general, if you do get a com ban, that’s probably because the system thinks you deserved it.

    Not saying you did though.

the com ban system needs to change

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