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Discus and support The Enforcement Team in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I get communication banned for words that arent even cuss words. The enforcement team does not review EVERY report. Why is xbox lying to us? I know... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Keondre Goodson, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. The Enforcement Team

    I get communication banned for words that arent even cuss words. The enforcement team does not review EVERY report. Why is xbox lying to us? I know they dont review them because if someone drops a f bomb and i report it at 3am in the morning its a instant suspension. And also why are we able to delete messages?? multiple times i got reported and the person that had something worth reporting deleted their messages. Xbox you seriously need to stop having a soft community guidlines. Playstation people dont get instant banned. I have yet to get banned on playstation from cursing. You guys dont understand it is human nature to read and react to messages. I shouldnt have to be careful what i say on a console where communication is majority with teens 17 or older. Its quite sad. Im suspended right now as we speak and i know who reported me so i went back to report them all their messages were deleted. Whats the point of even paying for xbox live and you guys cant even have a less risky communication system. AND why cant we join our friends just because 1 person decides to report it should be a collection of reports not just 1 person

    Keondre Goodson, Apr 4, 2021
  2. Rare Squared Win User

    Enforcement team

    As of August 17, 2015, you can no longer make a post on the Enforcement Forums. The enforcement team introduced case review, which allows an Xbox Live Player with an enforcement action on the account to be reviewed by an enforcement agent. In order to make
    a post that will be reviewed by an XBLPET Agent follow these easy steps:

    1. Sign in to with the account that received the enforcement action and select the large box with an orange hammer icon, or visit your Enforcement
    2. Find the enforcement action that you wish to have reviewed, and select Apply for Review.
    3. Read the Case Review Terms of Use and agree by clicking the checkbox and selecting Agree.
    4. If you are already eligible for a Case Review, select the green arrow icon. If you are not yet eligible, you will be presented with a short questionnaire. These questions help gauge your understanding of the
      Code of Conduct and associated policies. Upon successful completion of the questionnaire, select the green arrow icon.
    5. Provide any details (up to 500 characters) regarding the enforcement action that may help XBLPET conduct a more complete investigation. This may include context around the activity or content that received enforcement, information
      about your game activity, or any other facts that you believe are worth noting. When complete, select Submit.
    Any additional information on Case Review or anything regarding the Enforcement team, you can find them

    Steps on submitting a Case Review were provided by the XBLPET.
  3. AquaButterfly76 Win User

    Enforcement team

    I have been trying for months to get more answers out of the ENFORCEMENT TEAM, you cant get in touch with them, the replys on case reviews have no real detail. you cant get any further than that, ever option I have tried to get through to them i get NO where.
    I am not impressed at all, we as customers pay a lot of money for the consoles and games, MS have a POLICE type team to ban/suspend people, but not give details of what, who and why, so the action that may of happened if any, can be corrected. I do understand
    why you would have this team in place, but decisions have been made that people feel are wrong why can they not find out why and what etc.

    oh and just to say "theory of game" when I have gone onto the support chat service, we as customers are told to go to the FORUMS, ref to get in touch the ENFORCEMENT TEAM. ???? - just all rubbish really, disappointment, regret.

    All i want is answers. I have gone through all the processes to get answers from the ETeam and still nothing, still have no answers to how I can contact them other than to be told to go on to case review etc GETTING NO WHERE.
  4. Major Keebler Win User

    Enforcement team

    You have to pay to activate an account for a minor.. You would then have to willfully avoid parental control setup. If they are allowing them to use an adults account... It's the parents fault however you twist it. Hopefully this parent will take the needed
    personal responsibility and get it set up to avoid these situations in the future. As far as how I word things, I'm blunt. I don't sugar coat.
  5. Major Keebler Win User

    Enforcement team

    I disagree Sunk. As a father it is my job to actively be part of my children's lives and ensure that they are safe from undesirable content to the best of my ability. To allow a six year old on Xbox Live without looking into how to ensure their experianece
    is clean, and enjoyable is, at best, irresponsible parenting.


    Dropping your kid in front of an Xbox isn't a suitable baby sitter. If you choose to let Xbox live be the tool to keep your kid busy while not being bothering, or caring to utilize parental controls then it's your fault. Whomever sent the message should
    be sanctioned no question, but the "parent" shouldn't just expect Microsoft to fix everything. Maybe I'm reading too into it, but inattentive parents are a bane on the future of this society.
  6. Major Keebler Win User

    Enforcement team

    The console has parental controls. I'd hold your self responsible for not using them. Xbox isn't a good baby sitter. Lock it down and watch your kids.

The Enforcement Team

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