The Microsoft Family Con!

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  1. JFord047
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    The Microsoft Family Con!

    Is it or is it not,

    that's the question!

    Like many others we get little bits of information from Different parts of the internet, and Microsoft, the more you look into this the more it contradicts itself!

    Lets look at the problems.

    1. You are told that by setting up the Microsoft Family, that you can now buy one game, and the whole family can use it!

    well true and not true, this apparently only works if you buy the game as a digital download from Microsoft, and will NOT work as a purchase from another source, also if you buy the game, then Microsoft instantly contradicts its own statement by saying that
    if you have 2 children wanting to play the game on 2 separate Xboxes, then you have to buy the game TWICE.

    Lets look at MY problem that as yet I have not had a solution to fix.

    I have one child who got an xbox One. Loved it, and was making the other child Jealous. So the thought was to buy another console, and allow them both to play what they wanted when they wanted (Microsoft family is for this... Right???)

    I get an Xbox One X, I go out and Get Red Dead Redemption 2 as a physical disc, as you cannot get it on the Microsoft Store at the time. so I now have a game that is apparently NOT eligible for the family sharing!

    BUT the online gaming together is on the Rockstar Servers Not Microsoft, so to enable the kids to play together I go out and Buy the Xbox One S, Digital only, but that's OK as I can get the game from the MS Store.

    we spend 50% of the year in the USA and the other 50% in the UK, and not always together. so whilst one child is at school in the UK, she can still play with her sister, and share the fun.

    I buy the Red Dead redemption 2 in the UK from the MS Store, same as the version as physical.

    I am told to set each of the consoles to the HOME XBOX for each kid, logical, they both play the UK physical version on the same xbox, the S is bought and returns to the USA. I The "Gift" email arrives for the birthday, and the child in the USA tries to
    put in the code in the Store... Only to be told "Not Valid for this Region" so its put in on the UK Xbox One X, but an oops, she forgot to check that the profile was in her name.

    It goes in and downloads to the USA xbox One S no problem

    She starts playing the game, everything is fine, then her sister logs in on the xbox One X and instantly logs her out. She then tries to log into the game again and gets in but the other sister is now logged out.

    we are told about the wrong profile, and contact Xbox Support, who tell us to change the Xbox Home in the USA to the UK based child, this we do.

    Now the USA based Child can play the game, but when the UK based Child tries it logs out the USA Child.

    once more Xbox Support have no idea why. so we hook up the original Xbox One and get on. once more one child get to play the other is logged off.

    Its determined that its because they have all been put onto one profile. The solution is to correct the profile without the game on it!

    But this is a Digital copy, so you cannot like a physical disc simply log in the profile and insert the disc, you have to ask for a refund and buy it again...

    But this is denied by Microsoft! as it was gifted from parent to child and child put it in wrong - Tough!

    on checking the profiles, one child now has the game and the other a DEMO! so now the only option is to buy the game All over again this time by clicking the "BUY GAME" button in the store that says its a demo!

    Fixed, both kids can play with each other on their own copies - NO thanks to Microsoft Family!

    so we now own 3 copies of Red Dead Redemption for 2 kids in the same family to play online.

    Now another Twist! to prove family is a con and waste of time effort and energy!

    the Xbox One X came with Forza 7 and Forza horizon 4. Both of which once more we had on Disc at the time. But the argument was we wanted the Xbox One X and the games were "Free"ish, now both of these games are play anywhere, and we are all the same family!

    the games are loaded onto the PC, as the Xbox Home User, I log into My profile the games are loaded on the PC, yet I cannot play them!

    I load on the Demo, and Now I can play, I can load all the cars, and on the Xbox, I have them all, on the PC where I actually loaded all the cars, I do not have them, but on the Xbox, the Home User now has all the cars as well!

    the biggest problem of the Microsoft Family is now obvious!

    Put in a Physical disc, and load on the Downloads, everybody has them ALL, use the Digital copy and only the Home User on one xbox has them, windows Live will not work, but sometimes does! the physical disc has less limitations, and in the long run can be
    given away - exchanged -and played without being online!

    This Family stuff might work, but nobody knows how!

    Microsoft Push this, without telling people how it actually works, and you are always going to be worng because you do not know the ins and outs.

    yes I know you can go onto the internet, and find all of this out, but once more there are contradictions and counter contradictions making the actual working out impossible.

    so for 2 sisters to play red dead redemption together it has cost an Xbox One X, and Xbox one S , a physical copy of the game and 2 digital copies, as well as 2 subscriptions to Xbox live Gold.

    Yet to play GTA V online it was 2 copies of the game, 2 separate computers nothing more. And All users logging onto the computers can play the game.

    Where exactly is the point of Microsoft Family?????

    All I know is that I am paying through the nose to Microsoft, for the plain pleasure of it!! and it is no pleasure!!!

    It might work... possibly I have All of the Wrong information, but that's more than the NO information Microsoft is giving! which means its only designed to empty your wallet

    JFord047, Aug 28, 2019
  2. Njal the Blue Win User

    The Microsoft Family Con!

    The only place for accurate information is via the Xbox support site. Any other website may well be contradictory. You should not take third party information as being correct.

    I have checked and my Xbox One S that my partner uses is my home console and my X that I use isn't set as home Xbox.

    Once again I refer you to the correct information contained in this link

    I appreciate your criticism of my age. I too have grown up children and I don't understand why you turned it personal.

    I was pointing out facts, not criticising or speaking down to you. I apologise if it comes across as such but it is not meant.
  3. Albert X Win User

    The Microsoft Family Con!

    Regardless if Family settings, game sharing parameters still apply. So the digital games can only be shared on two consoles. In terms of buying the games directly from Microsoft that is not an issue as long as the game shared is in digital format, it really
    doesn't matter from what retailer you purchase the game as long as it is digital format.
  4. JFord047 Win User

    The Microsoft Family Con!

    Yes, to nearly all lol

    One Account has gold, on the xbox, set as their home console

    But does not help them or any other family member on the second console!

    thats my point...

    You can read the "rules" multiple ways!

    but the simplest form is One Console per household, and one at a time playing. if not a multiplayer like Red Dead, then 2 consoles, and there is no benefit to paying over the odds for the Microsoft Store or Family settings!
  5. Njal the Blue Win User

    The Microsoft Family Con!

    then why do All of the users appear on the Xbox One X as their HOME, but the two on the Xbox one S in the USA are also set as their home Xbox.

    I understand they are only meant to be on 1, but they are on both as their home xbox,

    is this down to the xbox being moved to the USA? nobody knows

    or is it because they are attaching to 2 different region servers, once more nobody knows

    Argument could be REMOVE the users Home from one and leave on the other.

    But this is the point... NO MANUAL, and searching the internet gives conflicting responses
    You can only have one Xbox set as your Home Xbox console. It is fully explained in the link I provided earlier. There is no way to have multiple Xbox's set as your Home Xbox. The support site has everything you need to know about your Xbox consoles. HTTPS://

    That is the manual, it is digital and every aspect of the Xbox One is contained within the support site.
  6. JFord047 Win User

    The Microsoft Family Con!

    Great...that's the point.... they don't tell you the design, and support keeps telling you different versions!

    Full information to the users would be a definite help, in plain simple terms... not bounce from page to page

The Microsoft Family Con!

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