Trimming clips equals black screen?

Discus and support Trimming clips equals black screen? in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; The title says it all really. I'm getting sick and tired of trying to trim videos so I can upload them just to be left stuck on a black screen after... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by GH0ST Suspect, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Trimming clips equals black screen?

    The title says it all really.

    I'm getting sick and tired of trying to trim videos so I can upload them just to be left stuck on a black screen after the progress bar partially fills up before disappearing. This has happened four times to me tonight alone. It shouldn't be a case of well
    * me I'll try again tomorrow. It's not good enough at all.

    Already searched for a fix and it just shows how terrible Xbox is for this feature.

    So before anyone says:

    • I've already done a hard reset on my Xbox numerous times
    • I've deleted saved clips on my internal hardrive.
    • I've deleted the majority of my clips that were on xbox live.
    • There's plenty of room on my internal memory as I've deleted a few games / moved to my external hardrive.
    The service just blows huge chunks. When is this gonna get patched out? I've got the Cyberpunk Xbox X (in case someone asks which console I'm on).

    GH0ST Suspect, Jan 14, 2021
  2. Jimmeeehhh
    Jimmeeehhh New Member
    Try trimming in smaller sections multiple times. I kept trimming 30 seconds off a 3 minute clip, and for the last attempt I trimmed a minute, and my 56 second video finally went through.
    Jimmeeehhh, Apr 22, 2021
  3. MisterFizzle Win User

    Upload Studio No Longer Trimming

    Hi there SeaNee,

    I haven't heard of this particular error. There are a couple of things that might help us understand a bit better:

    1. Is it after you select the section of your clip to Trim that you're seeing the "Total Length" still showing as the original length of the Trim?
    2. When you're making the Trim, does the new trimmed length show on "Trimmed Length" in the top left and on the timestamp on the bar below the clip?
    3. Is this happening when you do "Just a Trim" or is this happening during a Multi-clip?

    Please let us know the answer to those questions and we'll work from there.
  4. Wildboy Wiley Win User

    Having trouble trimming a clip

    I have now uploaded a video focusing on this issue, it shows me trimming the clips and the issues leading after that, I would hope if someone could watch it and give me some help related to the issue so I can fully trim this clip without any errors occuring,
    After examining your video, and looking at it from my console, The "Trim" option you have available on that bar, isn't available in my app strangely. Not sure why that trim option is there, have you checked to see if the Xbox DVR has been updated recently?

    Alternatively (as a work around) to trim your clip, you can "edit in Upload Studio" which will allow you trim the clip in that app (Simply pushing the left stick to move the starting point, and the right stick to move the ending
    point) and will allow you to save and upload the trimmed clip to xbox or onedrive as well.
  5. Joc Holliday Win User

    Using upload studio to splice videos not just trim

    Currently you can only trim videos but you can add multiple sections and trim the clip in multiple ways to mirror a splice.
  6. THE ACTI0N MAN Win User

    Upload studio 'update'

    What they need to do:

    1. Increase clip size from 5 minutes. 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes, Whatever. 5 is too short.

    2. Allow MULTIPLE clips to be trimmed out of the Trim feature. Doing only one trim at a time is terrible. Should be like COD:BLOPS2's Theater mode. Cut pieces, hold them, then merge them into one final clip.

    3. Allow ANY NUMBER of clips to be merged. No set requirement like the current 5. You should be able to merge 2 clips or 10. It should be up to you.
  7. jazza1001 Win User


    There used to be an app called Upload Studio which has just been removed from the App Store. To trim your videos from your Xbox follow these steps.

    1. First capture your gameplay by pressing your xbox button followed by X.

    2. After a short while your clip will have saved to your recent captures.

    3. To see these captures press your xbox button again and move to Capture & Share.

    4. Go to recent captures and press A, then choose which clip you want to trim and edit.

    5. An option should now appear near bottom of list saying Trim.

    6. It may take several moments to load in your clip.

    7. Move your left analogue to trim your clip from.the start and your right to trim it from the end.

    8. When finished press A to preview clip or X to save.

    Hope this has helped.

Trimming clips equals black screen?

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