Discus and support Tubi in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Need help with error codes 0x80073cf6 0548bbfd-0944-4d93-b7a0-46b1fc18051b Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by ItsMarcopolo792, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Tubi

    Need help with error codes 0x80073cf6

    ItsMarcopolo792, Sep 28, 2019
  2. XBF Javier R Win User


    Hello ItsMarcopolo,

    We thank you for bringing this inquiry to our forums community, and understand that this concerns an error code appearing on your Xbox One console.

    Could you clarify when you receive this error on your console? Or maybe what you're attempting to do when this error code is received, as well as if this is occurring on an Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC?

    Clarify this and we'll be right here ready to respond.

    Best wishes!
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  4. ChayaMae Win User

    Pleae help!

    We did try the uninstall and reinstall for hulu, amazon, Netflix and tubi tv which are the ones that are freezing. I didn't transfer games, so I didn't think to check the license I'm not sure if those apps have license or not. I'll check it out
  5. thenextVPofmarketing Win User

    Call of lag or call of already lost matches. How about...call of where did my team go

    I have to commend MS for the refund... It's not often that you see that. I too feel a bit cheated by the way the connection thing hasn't been resolved. I think mainly because of how the searching and player placement inside of the games goes. This is
    not just call of duty, but others as well. I study networking so think what you want, but here's my thoughts and Teli-Tuby description of why WE get F'd...

    If you think of your connection as a city or your development in this city. There are people who pay for very expensive houses, mid ranged houses, and don't pay at all for their housing. What you probably don't know (some of you out there are young) is
    that the government spreads out lower income families throughout your beautiful housing developments in order to keep from having really bad and really good areas of the city. *Not all but most do to keep from having "Projects". If you google section 8 areas
    you will probably be surprised at what you find close to you.

    Coming back to our connections, some of us pay for really good internet speeds, some mid range, and some just take what they can get. In my opinion, the game developers as well as MS do a pretty poor job of marrying up connections and spread the bad with
    the good just to be fair to all customers, as customer satisfaction sells units. In my opinion you should not be penalized by having a good connection. Place the good with the good and the bad with the bad....

    I will also help those out who cannot grasp this concept with another association to this city we all live in. Inside of this city are beggers who make money off of those working hard to pay their bills and make money the honest way. As a product of society,
    they won't stop begging until people stop giving them hand outs. Why stop trying to get away with a poor, low budget connection if the developers and console providers continuously help me out by putting me with people that have good connections. Once again,
    a product of their society.

    Oh some of you out there will say that can't be done.... BS yes it can (why do you think there is so much of a difference between the launch day connections and now?)

    And most of you that argue are probably the one's with the low budget connections... Sorry to say it, but you should be placed in a room with like connection types NOT to be mistaken by like ping ratings... Force out all of the crap connection signals,
    hence rid the problem of laggy games. See it for what it is and let's move into an era of true Next Generation.