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Discus and support unfair ban in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; i think it is absolutely ABSURD that i have received a ban after i had someone team kill an entire team as a troll, where is his punishment? this... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by rosscarey, Feb 18, 2019.

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    unfair ban

    i think it is absolutely ABSURD that i have received a ban after i had someone team kill an entire team as a troll, where is his punishment? this platform is an absolute mess how can i be expected to take a 2 day ban after i was cheated out of a good game.
    its such a joke, the person due punishment is getting no punishment, and i cant send messages, this sends out the wrong message completely. they punish people for calling someone out for team killing an entire team, and reporting that player and ban that player
    using a bot, clearly no human was involved in this when i also reported him, its a joke when he maliciously killed a team with 3 other people in it and im the one with the ban, quite absurd i need to apologise in 250 words or more, and explain how to better
    xbox player relations in 250 words and then get an 'oops that shouldn't have happened' after pandering to that level

    rosscarey, Feb 18, 2019
  2. BongKaos Win User

    Rockstar Banning Customers

    What is ageed with??? Banning or it being unfair???
  3. ItsBaconBits Win User

    Banned because of internet connection problems?

    As unfair as it sounds, it's also pretty unfair to join matches in that fashion knowing there's a continuing problem. Luckily, first time offenders in Halo 4 aren't banned for long. I'd suggest fixing the connection problem and waiting out the ban.
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    first off this should be posted in the suspension section but since your bio MUST be rated E for everyone you cannot have profanity or words that IMPLY profanity. it does not matter if you put that word in or a friend did, your account is YOUR responsibility
    at ALL times. so if he/she put it on there, YOU face the punishment. so, your gonna have to face that suspension as they will NOT remove it or shorten it, remove the profanity and keep your friends off your account so that does NOT happen again, and have
    a nice day.
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    As far as i know, unless the XBLPET team changed their policy overnight, but you CANNOT appeal a console ban, as it is permanent and RARELY irreversable. The rare occasion was during the august/september banning sweeps which several cases were legitmately

    You can post to see if they will tell you what you may been banned for (even though you should really know yourself), but you CANNOT appeal it.

unfair ban

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