Upload Studios is buggy...

Discus and support Upload Studios is buggy... in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; when i say "xbox record that" it doesnt record the last 30 seconds.. instead it records the 30 seconds before the last 15 seconds. so when i shot a... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by yurtpoh, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. yurtpoh
    yurtpoh Guest

    Upload Studios is buggy...

    when i say "xbox record that" it doesnt record the last 30 seconds.. instead it records the 30 seconds before the last 15 seconds. so when i shot a helicopter out of the sky with a tank on BF4 and said "xbox record that" i got the 30 seconds leading up to
    the shot.. but literally the moment before it happened, the video stopped.. i lost that awesome moment, and now i cant relive it like i was hoping.. this game DVR is too screwy.. and i cant find where to customize the settings (if it even has any), and no
    online tutorial that ive found has helped so far..

    and on a side note (different subject), im getting terrible network issues in game.. it might be DICE or EA instead of microsoft, but im just putting this out there.. my intended issue with this post is with Upload Studios

    yurtpoh, Feb 22, 2014
  2. Upload studios

    While using upload studios I have come across many problems. All of then resent, within the past 2 updates. While using upload I will be kicked out unexpectedly and forced to recreate the video I was making. Also I get a error message saying that I "Don't
    have enough room to save the clip. Please delete a clip to save this one." Though I only have 3 saved clips and 10-11 unsaved ones. Any reason that these problems are happening?
    Blue Skeleton X, Feb 22, 2014
  3. Scribify
    Scribify Guest
    Upload studios

    my upload studios will not upload to Xbox live but I can upload to one drive. Can someone please help me with this problem thank you.
    Scribify, Feb 22, 2014
  4. Kismet Thrall Win User

    Upload Studio - Voice Over option not available

    Did you install Upload Studio before your Kinect? 1) Uninstall Upload Studio 2) Go do the two part set up for your Kinect 3) be sure the Kinect Recognizes you @ Sign-in 4) Launch Upload Studio
  5. Kyle fer Win User

    Upload Studio/Game DVR won't work!!

    Upload Studio seems to have been broken for about 2 weeks now, I am unable to upload a clip of any kind thru the Upload Studio, I have to upload them thru my clip manager.
  6. gmcbay Win User

    Game DVR Error: "Sorry We Couldn't Record That (0x82323012)"

    This issue still exists and needs to be addressed with a software fix. Doing a hard reset and power disconnection does not fix it for me, the only thing that fixes it is uninstalling and reinstalling Upload Studio, but then it'll just break itself again
    after a day or two.

    The Xbox One OS is still a buggy piece of crap that the developers at Microsoft should all feel shame for having released.
  7. Galactic Geek Win User


    You need to have your Kinect in order to make clips or to edit them through the Upload Studio and since uploading works only through the Upload Studio, I highly doubt it will change.
  8. IngameInstincts Win User

    Upload Studio

    Galactic Geek @ You can choose to share or not in your privacy settings.

    OP that message sometimes appear when the XBL service status is not available for X or Y reason or you are offline . To check the status try this link :


Upload Studios is buggy...

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