"Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack)

Discus and support "Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack) in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Hello everyone, I have an engineering question concerning joystick with SRRT jack. Is it possible to send some analog value on R1 and R2 without... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by PedroDesRobots, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. "Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack)

    Hello everyone,

    I have an engineering question concerning joystick with SRRT jack.

    Is it possible to send some analog value on R1 and R2 without connecting S and T ?

    I mean to use an analog signal generated from a specific source but without power it by the jack interface.

    This figure could help to understand my case, imagine it without potentiometer but replace them by 2 sources which generate an analog signal similar :

    "Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack) [​IMG]

    Finally, only R2 and R1 will be connected. Is it feasible or completely wrong (need voltage reference for calibration)?

    If you need more details, let me in touch.


    PedroDesRobots, Sep 21, 2019
  2. XBF Crystal P Win User

    "Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack)

    Hi there Pedro,

    Thanks for reaching out here in Xbox Forums. I understand there is a question in reference to the joystick. Here in Xbox Forums, we do not have the appropriate tools or resources. I recommend to review the

    Xbox Forum Guidelines

    • 22) Please do not discuss or post links to any topic that could violate the 'Terms Of Use'. Including any threads or posts regarding modifying the way your Xbox operates such 'modding' and/or 'chipping' your Xbox or otherwise altering the
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    If you'd like to contribute some ideas on how to make improvements to or about other ideas for the community, you may do so at the Xbox Idea Hub which is on Reddit.

    Thank you for letting us know about the issue. We'll be locking the thread.
    If you ever require any help with any other Xbox issues please feel free to come back to the Xbox Forums for further assistance.

    Thank you and have a great day.
  3. PedroDesRobots Win User

    "Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack)

    Erratum: R1 and T connected and S and R2 not connected

    Note: we can put a fake resistance of 10 KOhms between S and R2 and to send an analog signal through R1 and T
  4. DEEZFIRENUTZ007 Win User

    Xbox 360 controller

    The analog joystick... Cursor going in any direction it wants to ... Without touching the joystick... You can calibrate your joysticks... Or re-center them... There is a setting somewhere in the 360... Calibrate analog joysticks or calibration settings for
    joystick... Calibrate your joystick... I have seen it before but cannot locate now

    But it resets or recenters/realigns your joysticks so it doesnt drift all over your page... Your cursor
  5. IsaacClarkeSNL Win User

    I'm looking at my controller for my engineering class

    Well, in general you just need to buy a new analog joystick for 5 bucks.
  6. whitemikenvs Win User

    Controller analog sticks broken?

    I have purchased three joysticks all have went bad left analog stick had malfunctioned on each including the original so that makes a total if four faulty joysticks I have

"Virtual" Joystick on analog port (jack)

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