vVv gaming looking for good EU gamers.

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  1. LG Dice
    LG Dice Guest

    vVv gaming looking for good EU gamers.

    LG Dice, Jan 1, 2014
  2. AnjelOglesby
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    Xbox Account Security

    Hey there fellow Gamers!

    I would just like to remind all of you that Microsoft will NEVER message you and ask for your account log in information for any reason! If you receive a message from someone, please do not give them any information. It is best to report and block and let
    Xbox handle the rest!

    Thank you for your time and reading this! Happy gaming and hope to see you in my next CoD match!

    vVv SeVeN vVv
    AnjelOglesby, Jan 1, 2014
  3. vVv Gaming is recruiting for Titanfall!

    vVv Gaming

    (Vision. Valor. Victory)

    E N T E R T A I N . E D U C A T E . D O M I N A T E .

    It's a typical evening. You've been at school or work all day, dreaming about the glory of coming home and crushing your enemies in your giant mech. You turn on your XBOX, search for a public match, and join up. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded on all
    sides, your titan helplessly reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble, and your lifeless body casually tossed aside. One of your teammates is camped across the map sniping with a 0% hit ratio. Another one is AFK at the spawn. Your dreams of giant robot domination
    are crushed. But wait! Before you throw your controller down in frustration and use your Titanfall disc as a frisbee, there's a place where you can come to escape the trolls and AFKers. vVv Gaming is a place where competitive gamers can come to enjoy a community
    of like-minded people in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

    We are a primarily North-American community and our mission is to provide a positive, friendly, and fun environment for competitive gamers. Our staff runs regular community events that allow our members and applicants to get together to play friendly but serious
    competitive matches against each other. In addition to gamers who like to play together in a supportive environment, we also cater to gamers who can be developed into better players and successful members of the esports community. If you are interested in
    contributing to the success of esports check us out!

    We ask all of our members to add value, which means making the community a better place through your presence and support. An average member adds value by:

    • - being active in game with other community members during and outside of official community events (without this we wouldn't actually be a community vVv gaming looking for good EU gamers. ;)),
    • - keeping our forums active to show outsiders what our community is like when we get together,
    • - having an interest in competition, whether that be (realistically) playing at a competitive level or just actively following the competitive scene, and;
    • - any other way that you feel you want to contribute to make the community more awesome! We like to say, "you don't need a title to make vVv Gaming a better place".

    For members truly dedicated to the community, we offer staff roles that provide training to develop skills for real life. Some of our former staff have gone on to work at companies such as Riot Games, Activision, Ubisoft, and Naughty Dog. We also have a team
    of graphics designers who can contribute to the community while developing their own skills and art portfolios. For those who lack the time or interest to do any of the above, we are also welcoming to outsiders that are not members or applicants who want to
    just hang out and contribute whenever they feel like it vVv gaming looking for good EU gamers. :) All we ask is that you be pleasant to be around and keep the experience positive for everyone else.

    We've named 2014 our "year of talent" with our stated goal of providing a truly great experience for more talented gamers. Ultimately, we'd love to havemultiple top 8 teams competing under our guidance and help the competitive Titanfall scene
    really explode. If this sounds like something that you can accomplish, check us out and submit an application today!

    About vVv Gaming

    Our Mission Statement

    "In everything we do, we believe that all gamers with an obsession for competition need an engaging outlet to share and express their passions. Competitive gamers thrive in a diverse environment that is social, empowering, supportive and informative, and all
    gamers, regardless of skill, have a place in competitive gaming. We believe that a competitive gaming community can, and should be, free from the forum trolls, the cynics and the haters, and competitive gaming should entertain, be educational and make you
    feel a sense of domination, whether you’re the top player or simply a fan. The way we do this is called vVv Gaming, and we just happen to be the best competitive gaming community in the world. Wanna join?"-vVv Lord Jerith

    vVv Gaming is built on a community based model. Covering titles such as Call of Duty, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends and now Titanfall! vVv Gaming consists of professional and amateur gamers as
    well as a graphics team and a staff of about a dozen people. We rarely pursue and bid on top talent. Instead, we believe that our role in eSports is to identify talent early and to help it develop. This is an essential part of the growth and success of competitive
    gaming. Not only do we do this for competitive players, but if you're an aspiring eSports commentator, player, coach, content provider, or even want to work in the competitive gaming industry, then vVv Gaming is the place for you! We help you gain skills
    for eSports, skills for life

    What Membership Is All about

    Diversity - Diversity is one of vVv Gaming's core values and is part of the foundation of our success. With no tolerance for bigotry,
    we accept only the best applicants into our organization, regardless of background. Our passion for gaming is what brings us together, and celebrating our differences helps us focus on what really matters: making eSports and gaming as awesome as possible.

    Passion - Beyond motivation is the desire and drive to actually accomplish the things we say we want to do. Rather than begrudgingly grinding through activities that we may not care about, passion means doing what we love without excuses or complaints. Passion
    is the single most productive force that an individual can possess and results in the most successful outcomes for any activity. Our goal for every vVv member is to take that passion for gaming and apply it to our pursuit of excellence in gaming.

    A Community of Competitive Gamers - Everything at vVv Gaming starts when we ask ourselves, "What would I want?" It is our belief that all competitive gamers share a common bond that allows us to intrinsically know what would make for a great experience. All
    our staff and members are also competitive gamers who share that bond and use it to create the best experience possible for our community.

    Activity and Value - Adding value is the basis for creating the best community in esports. Every member and applicant passionately adds meaningful value to make our community, the esports community, and the larger gaming scene all better places.

    Click here for the Application.

    If you have any questions, please post them here and a staff member will reply quickly.

    Good luck to all future applicants, we hope to see you on the Fields of Justice!

    More Information

    Top 4 LAN Finishes

    The Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    Facebook page

    Twitter page


    TwitchTV Live streams

    Team page on Steelseries's website

    Gallery with pictures of us at live events

    vVv Gaming's Official Web Page
    Imperius Axios, Jan 1, 2014
  4. RR Hutchy kF Win User

    VvV is open for Recruiting.

    Hey old yes we are on the one . We play Ghost. Add me to your friends list gamer tag is VvV Mike L0wrey
  5. NiNjA DSGB Win User

    VvV is Recruiting

    Are you linked to the pro team VvV?
  6. Jazzyrocksoul Win User

    Looking for good gamers :]

    What are the parties for? Sounds fun! @ Thuqqin Ma, how is the sims 3 pets? My username is
  7. MLP Jet Win User

    Looking for good gamers :]

    ya im looking 4 a partner 4 all halos on 360 all but CEA
  8. Fortified Brad Win User

    Looking for good gamers :]

    I'm hosting a custom games lobby on Reach in about 10mins if you want to join. I host these lobbys every friday night so...

vVv gaming looking for good EU gamers.

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