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Discus and support want this solved in XBoX Rewards to solve the problem; its like im talking with a broken record no matter what i saw and explain you say all the time the same . i can do the same as many times as you need... Discussion in 'XBoX Rewards' started by SnakierIce55222, May 11, 2018.

  1. want this solved

    its like im talking with a broken record no matter what i saw and explain you say all the time the same .

    i can do the same as many times as you need , you have there the reason and who fault it was on me not registering.

    i didnt won anything ? obviously i didnt if i was tricked to wait for your awser until it ended on thing remains and that is the fact that winning something or not i had the right to try at least to win and that was taken from me

    SnakierIce55222, May 11, 2018
  2. want this solved

    you can keep acting like little kids saying everyday the same or you can do your work and solve this once and for all , im sick and tired of your actitude every proof is there , every explanation was already given if your awser is joking with your costumers
    we will have problems that is for sure
    SnakierIce55222, May 11, 2018
  3. XBLRewards8
    XBLRewards8 Guest
    want this solved

    Hello SnakierIce55222,

    Looking over your post history, it sounds like you are asking about your Forza promotion. Since you did not enter into this promotion, you did not receive any prizes.

    XBLRewards8, May 11, 2018
  4. want this solved

    f0a7d6f4-06f6-4235-bbf8-ba34223fbd8a you have here the chat id from where i contacted them the first time maybe this helps you do something more than saying the same thing time and time again
    SnakierIce55222, May 11, 2018
  5. XBLRewards8
    XBLRewards8 Guest
    Hello SnakierIce55222,

    Looking over your post history, it sounds like you are asking about your Forza promotion. Since you did not enter into this promotion, you did not receive any prizes.
    XBLRewards8, Nov 3, 2018
  6. SnakierIce55222 Win User

    want this solved

    Whether or not you agree with the outcome, the issue has already been resolved. As you've already been told several times, you did not contact Rewards support while the sweepstakes was running so they were not aware you had an issue until after the sweepstakes
    ended. Support for the rewards program can only be found in this forum and Twitter as stated on the Rewards site. Instead you contact Xbox support which is completely separate and do not have correct information regarding the program. Unfortunately you got
    an agent who gave you incorrect information instead of sending you here which would have been correct. Since you did not contact Rewards support until after the sweepstakes ended, they have no way of adding you to the sweepstakes and since it was a sweepstakes
    and not just a regular offer, there is no way they can compensate you because nothing was guaranteed in that offer. It was never up to Xbox support to contact Rewards support. It was up to you.

    Continuing to post duplicate posts is against forum rules and can result in you being banned from the forums.
    with all due respect the problem was solved were and when ? with the rewards support here telling things i proved them to be wrong ?

    i dont know if you realize but is the xbox support that keeps sending me here saying the higher department wrote the rewards team needs to solve this.

    the easy way to run from this is always to run from the things and act like if your members have guilty on everything that happens but no sir , i already said before and i have no problem saying this again , the only reason i didnt came here asking for help
    while the sweepstakes were on was because i was told that the rewards team already had the case on their hands that i just needed to wait they would contact me by email.

    i already told you either that i couldnt care less about that sweepstakes i never asked to get me in on that again but i do care about respect and i dont acept not only what happened during that month but after too and that is the reason demanded to be
    compensated if you guys dont like it that is not my problem but one thing is very clear i have to respect the rules as a member of your rewards but i have my rights either and one of the rights is that i have the right to participate on any sweepstakes you
    make as long as i want and that right was taken from me but again the disrespect , the lies in my face and a lot of more things that i dont acept are the reason im here .

    one mistake i acept everyone can make a mistake and maybe trusting in their word or contacting them instead of you was a mistake but that doesnt change the fact that not only one but a lot of them during almost a month wasnt able to do their job right ,
    so you guys can block me or do whatever you want but i will not let them get away with what they did and keep doing so i will keep coming here until this is solved not because i dont like your decision but because is a right i have
  7. XBLRewards8 Win User

    want this solved

    Hello SnakierIce55222,

    Since you never attempted to contact us for support on this issue until well after the offer period, and never entered into the sweepstakes and therefore never participated, and since this was a randomly awarded offer due to being
    a sweepstakes, you did not receive any prizes nor can we adjust any prizes into your account.
  8. XBLRewards8 Win User

    want this solved

    Hello SnakierIce55222,

    Looking over your post history, it sounds like you are asking about your Forza promotion. Since you did not enter into this promotion, you did not receive any prizes.
  9. AIex WiIheIm Win User

    want this solved

    it may be my problem that cant reach your intelligence but as a volunteer shouldn't you be helping everyone that actually needs your help ?

    i only saw you answering me and the way you did , so you are volunteering for what ?

    to help me by having that attitude and making threats ?

    or you just came here because of my green eyes ?

    you don't want to help or cant just do your things and stop bothering anyone else , from now on you either do your job or you will be left talking alone because you are already reported to the right places i don't have anything more
    to talk with you
    I am telling you that I am a volunteer.

    You want compensation. I am unable to provide compensation.

    You want an appologie. For something I didn't cause? No thanks.

    Simple as!

    If you have any more questions that do not involve harrasing innocent unpaid volunteers, feel free to ask. Also, as for that link I gave you, its an IP logger. Harras me any more, your off.
  10. SnakierIce55222 Win User

    want this solved

    i think i already explained everything about the compensation , as a member of your program i tried to enter a sweepstakes and i wasnt able to do it because of one account problem and i contacted them exactly because i thought was one account problem ,
    since that day they gave me wrong information after wrong information and i got everything i already said and for that reason i demanded a compensation from them.

    as i said this isn't about any sweepstakes is about respect , i understand mistakes everyone does them but i dont accept insults , threats and lies . let me tell you that the only reason why i lost my right to participate on that was the fact that more than
    one agent told me the case was already in your hands that i just had to wait and by that i mean clearly they said the rewards team already had the case to solve.

    about the threats , no it wasn't an agent , it was a manager threatening me that if i keep trying to report the situation that would happen and the truth is i just didn't got my xbox blocked because i didn't had one i sold mine and moved to sony because
    of your disrespects but my little brother got his xbox blocked from live during 1 month and it just stopped when i contacted the enforcement team and asked them explanations about it because yes i contacted a lot of times but when you have a problem that is
    what you do you cant expect your costumers to have problems or not be ok with your actions and ignore them.

    you know what happened after my contact ? the console was unblocked right away but the funny thing about that is that his console was blocked exactly on a date that started your sweepstakes back in January and it ended 1 day before the sweepstakes ended
    which prevented him or me from winning anything he was only able to register but couldnt play anything and for that reason we lost a second sweepstakes by a mistake someone did not us and i cant accept that .

    the case was reported at the time , still the manager is there its like you can do whatever the hell you want to your costumers that you are perfectly ok nothing happens you just have to say you dont have tools to anything and send your costumers to get
    a compensation somewhere else , they are very wrong if they think i will let this pass.

    and this isn't the only thing because the xbox team thinks i am a fool and for that reason comes with the fact that i had to travel for a couple of weeks to Portugal so they say i don't have the right to be compensated , i am sure you know the difference
    between legal residence and a trip to solve personal problems from what i know in your faqs this is very clear everyone needs to be a legal resident and have more than 18 years well i have both of that things so don't try to fool anyone

    Thing is, support is outsourced, they do not work for Microsoft, so they have zero power whatsoever to do what they said. As for the rewards compensation, you'll need to email *** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. ***

    and to complain about the service you received, which I agree is totally not acceptable, you'll need to formally write to One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA.

    i dont know what people can or cant do what i do know is that i was sent here to get the compensation and im tired of going from place to place trying to solve something that no one wants to solve and i have to be honest the more this goes the less i want
    to reach any agreement because this is more than insulting me , i dont know a single company in the world hat haves so many departments associated and no one moves a finger about anything.

    well i dont know what you asked me to email but anyway if you are asking me to email the legal department that was done 8 months ago and no one said anything

    Listen to me. I am a volunteer, alright?? OK?? I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING IN MY POWER TO COMPENSATE YOU. All I can do is direct you to someone who can.

    i think we have here a little problem , you are a volunteer but i am an user of this product and have a problem with your company if you arent ok with that the problem isnt mine.

    i didnt got anything you said , to email *** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. ***

    and to complain about the service you received, which I agree is totally not acceptable, you'll need to formally write to One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA.

    you think im going to write a letter to microsoft in order to solve a problem when they have a lot of teams to do it ?

    it is funny because you answered me like 3 times and you are already talking like you are mad i would like you to tell me how should i feel after contacting you more than 20 times ? contact all the departments the support team asked me to contact , get insulted
    and threatened?


    want me to come here and make a party or be a nice guy ? you know what

    lead to this ? it was the fact that i was nice asking for help and

    because of it the support team treated me like garbage so im sorry but

    no more nice guy , you guys contact whatever you want , talk with each

    other i dont care but i want this problem solved

    At this point, I can see why the staff were not being very compassionate towards you.

    I would like to help you out, but you need to work with me here.

    I don't feel very comfortable and I will unfortunately need to seek moderator help.

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to post again.


    im sorry, i need to work with you ? you sent me something i cant see if you send me something i can actually see maybe i can do what you asked but from what i know you said to contact other place and told me you there cant do anything i dont see where that
    fits in a solution.

    you guys are really very funny , i go to the support beg for help during one month contact almost every damm place that you have and no one helps me and you tell me im not helping you helping me , with all due respect i lost the count on everything i already
    did that you there asked the problem is that no matter what you say or ask me to do normally is a dead end and from what i saw from you the answer would be for me to send a postal to microsoft in order to get this solved but im sorry i dont have more months
    to spend on this **** .

    one more thing dont come here and try to flip this because you all will be respected as long as you respect me and i guarantee you that any of this people in here after 10 months of this **** wouldnt go to any microosft department and smile to them , tell
    me what you want me to do to actually solve the problem and i will actually do it just dont come here and try to make me the bad one on this after contacting you more than 20 times

    What do you not understand about "I am a volunteer" and "I can't do anything"? I provided you an email.

    Case closed.

    i dont give a damm about what you are honestly , you are there and you answered me and i answered you .

    you dont have to come here every time and say you are a volunteer because for me that is exactly the same , i contacted the live rewards to solve my problem it doesnt matter if is a volunteer that answers me or not as long as the problem is solved and i
    dont know if you are blind or didnt realize that you didnt sent any email you sent this*** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. *** so unless you think im sending one email to a ___ i cant send an email to anyone without the actual email.

    if this is how the supports from microsoft will work after sending out everyone leaving almost only volunteers this is going to be really nice because every time someone complains about something the answer will always be hey don't bother me im a volunteer
    , we all get you guys dont win money but we all get too that first no one forces you to be there and the same way people complains in every company dont think you will be there and you will never get people mad at you or you just dont know what you are getting

    you arent there the close cases , you are there to solve them and if you dont have means or arent happy with your "job" you have two options , leave or step aside and let someone that actually can solve this do something dont give me emails or ask me to
    send letters to anyone because im sick and tired of microsoft im not going to go running begging for anything that time is over i did my part contacting everyone the proofs are on the table so this either gets solved well or bad but i will not accept anymore
    any kind of incompetence or disrespect by microsoft

    I don't care.

    Support doesn't care.

    Bill Gates doesn't care.

    Jesus doesn't care.

    You are not getting compensation. Period

    You should give a damn about me being a volunteer.

    Because I don't know what you want me to do.

    I know some support staff but I will not be calling them in because if I let them know how you have been acting, they will be the same as the manager.

    Moral of the story. You are not getting compensation no matter how much you complain, and you will not be getting anything done with that manager who threatend you because now I can see why they did.

    If you have any more stupidity to vent, please let me know now before I go shoot myself from not being able to handle this stupidity.

    As for: we all get you guys dont win money but we all get too that first no one forces you to be there

    I like volunteering, and you can't change that. Wanna see how many other people like volunteering too? here you go. Want to see how little support staff
    we have? there you go.

    If you have more questions (preferabbly, that aren't stupid) contact

    i would tell you what stupidity is but im sure you got this opportunity falling from the sky but im sure of one thing your "job" there will bot last very long.

    let me be very clear about one thing , you can be a volunteer , a bitch , a nurse ...whatever the hell you want but you should open your month when you actually have something important to say in your job and what you did here was very close to zero so im
    sorry but you arent there doing ****.

    so do yourself a favor and everyone else that comes here to get problems solved and change what you do because is people like you that make situations like mine happen , you just have some kind of arrogance just because you think you are in a position the
    others depend on you the problem is i dont depend on you to get this solved and that message you sent will just go to the right place like the others are and in the end the stupidity you say i have will be answered in the right place you will remember that.

    What do you want me to do?

    And you got reported for profane language.

    i came here and explained everything very well including why and who sent me here to ask the compensation im doing as i was told if the rewards team haves any problem with that isnt my fault , i just want my problem solved .

    after 10 months on this i have more than reasons to be pissed with microsoft if i send you the conversations from the first month and all the places i contacted with respect maybe you see that im not the one that started disrespecting anyone on the contrary
    i was the stupid one that did everything asked and that lost things exactly for trusting their word but you took 3 days to get mad just for answering me while i took 2 months of microsoft stupidity to lose all the respect fort that company.

    you can report or do whatever you want im not here to make friends im here to have the problem solved , i already moved to sony 3 months ago and im more than happy i dont use things from someone that doesnt respect me but still i will not let the insults
    , threats and all the time lost pass i will have you paying for trying to make a clown out of me.

    you can call me stupid , insult me or make threats like you made too that i dont care as i said in the last comment you can be whatever you want that i have nothing to do with that but you either answer to solve things or you let others do it didnt force
    you to answer me .

    by the way yesterday right after your comment you where reported either including to your legal team and other places , the screens are here and joined with all the other things so if this needs to be solved other ways

    Stop getting salty. I'm ignoring you now

    i dont have any problems with people i dont even know , i have problems with people that disrespects me and that is what microsoft did so im sorry if after so many contacts i cant come here and offer you flowers instead of complaining because my problem
    isnt solved.

    you should have done that instead of insulting and threatening me too , if you didnt want or couldnt solve the problem your job was to send it to someone else and that would be ok but you didnt do that .

    you sent me something to contact that actually had nothing and i said you sent me to contact something i couldnt see if you took that as an insult honestly i dont care

    don’t care? THEN STOP REPLYING
    im i wrong here or this is my post and you are the one replying to it ? why dont you go do something where you can actually do something relevant instead of just being a jackass

want this solved

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