Discus and support Warranty in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; I sent my xbox to UPS so they can send it to Microsoft for repair. Do I get an email when they recieve it? 100c1a71-8af4-4ff6-8853-4e55c76ffa37 Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by AFRO SSTEVO, Sep 17, 2020.



    I sent my xbox to UPS so they can send it to Microsoft for repair. Do I get an email when they recieve it?

    AFRO SSTEVO, Sep 17, 2020
  2. Farscape247 Win User


    grey area, you bought it from ebay brand new, but it is still classed as pre owned due to being purchased from an auction site, warranty would only be valid to the person who originally purchased it from the official store, you would need proof of purchase
    from the original store to use the warranty in most cases.

    warranties are not usually transferrable.
  3. HeadshotPenguin Win User



    This is the bit on warranty from the Xbox Support page Here.

    You should be okay as long as it hasn't been tampered with. Also, depending where you are in the world, you would be covered by eBay/Paypal, depending on (if) when it failed.

  4. SONIC SCREAM 07 Win User


    [quote user="H311SPYTHON"]

    does 3rl and e74 cover the xbox originall scratching the games all to heck????


    No the 3 years extended warranty is only for the 3 red lights and error E74.
  5. Internet Expert Win User


    With most companies and their products, warranty is not valid outside of the country the product was originally purchased from. In case something were to happen to your US-bought Xbox One X, you would likely have to pay a repair fee, even if it was still under

    There used to be an answer on one of the Xbox support articles ("Xbox One Repair: Frequently Asked Questions") that said the
    warranty only applies to the country that the console was purchased, but this webpage is no longer found.

    I would contact Xbox Support (choose phone or chat) and ask to verify this information. On the other hand, Microsoft is selling Xbox One X consoles in India now.
    This is the list of retailers that would sell it.
  6. COMMANDO KID 00 Win User


    look that is what happened to me , daynnanhemana call xbox customer support and explain you`re problem to them i am very sure they will ask for a copy of the receipt


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