...Where is the XBox Support STAFF?

Discus and support ...Where is the XBox Support STAFF? in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; What happened? Why is it that when I go to use the XBL support chat, I can't get in touch with XBL staff anymore. Now the job's been outsourced to... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Epic Hoagie, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Epic Hoagie
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    ...Where is the XBox Support STAFF?

    What happened? Why is it that when I go to use the XBL support chat, I can't get in touch with XBL staff anymore. Now the job's been outsourced to other XBox customers...?

    When did this happen??

    Epic Hoagie, Jan 7, 2019
  2. Castellus Zemi Win User

    Where's the support?

    I am sorry about this issue. Here is the official support and FAQ page for Microsoft Casual games.


    You should be able to find a solution to help fix your problem here. If the problem is caused by a in game bug then you will need to contact the game developer. For more help you can also call official Xbox customer support.

    Xbox Customer Support Number: 1-800-469-9269

    Monday - Friday 6am - 10pm Pacific time

    Saturday - Sunday 7am - 6pm Pacific time

    Hope this helps, Happy Gaming!!!
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  4. Dave Eckert Win User

    Where are the supporters ?

    So, I see the general topicasking about supporters, well you go another 1 right here, still going to buy to buy an Xbox one regardless. Does this make me a "blind" supporter as everyone up in their high minds want people like
    me to be? Well, let me lay down the pros and cons from my perspective and scenario, and find out:

    ----->Always online: As an owner of every of the big 3's platforms, I'm hardly ever
    offline regardless which console I'm using, so this 1 doesn't really affect me. Yes, I certainly understand this being a problem for people who simply don't have internet in their area. I will say, however, that the 24 hr check-in thing had me cocnerned
    for a bit that I'd have to do this with the console itself like on a dail basiseven if I don't feel like playing something that day. But then it occurred to me that maybe it's more a matter where my content will be available again the next time I connect.
    Plus I've read some things going around that offline game,s contents, etc,
    be affected by this, so really no worries there, either.

    ----->Used games DRM: I really don't know what the truth of the matter is here as being "confirmed" whether or not MS is still going to charge users to allow someone else to play your game on their console, but
    I don't let anyone borrow my games, and really only once in a blue moon do I trade in games, so this 1 really doesn't affect me either. This is also partially the same reason i don't buy used copies unless it's an absolute last resort because I prefer not
    tot ake the chance on someone else's damages to the product, whether it internal or external; internal=disc/software reasding problems, external=Scratches, etc. Still, whether this is on the developers, publishers or whomever, I'm still always going to be
    of this particular, simple logic; Would you rather buy the full priced product, or see your developers or publishers 1 day go bankrupt? Contrary a rarity/likelyhood to happen, at least for the enxt several years, it does happen; Whatever happened to goold
    ol retro devwelopers/publishers like Midway, LJN, Aclaim, Williams, etc?

    ----->Kinect: 1st off, I just want to say that being able to voice navigate the dashboard makes all the difference to me, despite the fact that I understood the current dashboard update very quickly and easily
    found it useful. I like having everything right where I can find it, under quick, simple menues. That said, I also don't have a problem being offered pridcts and services based on my personal interests, and finding it the quickest/easiest way possible where
    I can find it on the dashboard. That's all M4 wants to do, I'm sure Sony is no different; None of these "Kinect/M$ is spying/listening on me, my every actions" fairytales the paranoid majority have concucted because M$ nor
    Sony operate like that all, it's not Skynet nor a security threat/intrusion of any kind; They provide us consumer products and servicdes, that's all.

    ----->TV HDMI Passthrough: The only downer here is for people still using an LCD or CRT TVs who haven't hopped into the HD era yet, especially now that you're almost gartuneed to find a good, affordable full 1080p
    display, despite that the ebtter majority of us know 4K resolutions are well on the way and certainly not cheap, either. The + that a lot of people seem to be forgetting, reguardless whatever Smart TV you may/may not have, is despite you get to control your
    guide through your XBox One, create a personal channel even, XBox One will be able to privide us
    interactive content, exclusive interactive content even. Me? I'm all for it, like even if there's the slightest chance we'll see more that's game related, like the Halo live action TV series, for example; This 1's a huge plus for me. I
    like expanding and speculating/debating on as many possibilities as possible where games (universes) themselves are concerned, no matter how fact or ficticious if you get what I'm saying.

    --->So if all this still makes me a "blind" supporter in yuor mind, say/think what you will, but you truely do have more thinking to do, especially the 1s considering defecfting purely over to Sony over any of the above concerns
    because this is the era gaming is moving into; Don't act suprise if/when Sony does you no different, like with the PlayStation 4 Eye.
  5. Dud Bug Win User

    Where are the supporters ?

    I have loved both of the first two Xbox consoles and the three main issues worrying most people are not ones that personally worry me too much: the online requirement (my 360 is always online whenever I use it and I am lucky enough to live in an area where
    the connection is stable nearly all the time), the used games system (I have purchased few of these in the past; I tend to wait until the retail price has dropped and buy new) and invasion of privacy via Kinect (Microsoft would be killed if this ever really
    happened so it's not something that I think is realistically likely to happen).

    I can't say I am overly happy about Microsoft with all of these 3 measures but none of them are a deal-breaker for me. So, of all people, I must have been a fairly easy 'win' for Microsoft in the next generation.

    But, then, it's not just these 3 issues. The lack of backwards compatibility really annoys me (Don Mattrick saying that it was 'backwards' to care about backwards compatibility didn't help at all); the thought that a lot of the price of the console will
    be going towards a mandatory Kinect and who-knows-how-many TV deals / licences that have zero interest to me; the likelihood that it is underpowered as a gaming machine compared to the PS4 and so on. It now seems plain that either Microsoft has badly misunderstood
    their core audience since the inception of their new console or they do not care about our interests and are chasing a different audience altogether.

    And this is why there are so few open supporters. There are just too many different pieces of bad news so even if you are one of the unusual people like me who are relatively unconcerned about the main gripes, sadly there are plenty more to destroy your
  6. ContentedEntree Win User

    Where are the supporters ?

    [quote user="Bird125"]

    [quote user="pr3d470r"]

    The mature and patient gamers are waiting for more information before jumping on the "Xbox sucks" bandwagon. I hate to resort to name calling but some of you guys just sound flat ignorant. Seriously? You're really this angry about a game consoles options
    and hardware? Most of this stuff you people are complaining about happens in the background and your never even going to notice it. If you hate it so bad quit right now. Stop going to Xbox websites, stop searching for it and don't buy it. As it stands,
    you "haters" are giving the Xbox more publicity and coverage than they could have ever payed for. I'm going to purchase one and I'm going to enjoy it along with millions of other people and there's nothing you can do or say to change that. As a matter of fact,
    I don't want you "cry babies" on LIVE at all ruining my gaming experience. Please go to the PS4 and leave us alone.


    100% This.


    You fools say for us to get lost and leave the Xbox forums as if we are not existing customers? You two seem like blind sheeple who are having a whine because not everyone wub wub wubs wubs the Xbone like you. Get used to it and grow a pair.

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