Why are Bans a thing?

Discus and support Why are Bans a thing? in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Community, I have been a long time paying and supportive member of Xbox Live since its original launch over 15 years ago. I have to say I do not agree... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by ObieTric, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. ObieTric
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    Why are Bans a thing?


    I have been a long time paying and supportive member of Xbox Live since its original launch over 15 years ago. I have to say I do not agree at all with the new "banning" because of language. In order to procure/play on xbox live we have to agree to the ToS.
    This would require the person and/or their legal guardian to sign up and accept the ToS. Anyone under 18 can not be held to your ToS as they are not adults.

    Now you are attempting to control the way we speak and the words we use. While I may agree with the hate speech and the language to an extent (depending on its context of course) are inappropriate at times. You already have a solution to this problem built
    into the service. The Language filters, mute, and block functions are all tools consumers can use to mold their gaming experience. Why become dictators?

    Why are you now taking it a step further and dictating what we the consumer can and can not say. You are only where you are because of our support and in recent years I have noticed almost NO one uses their communication devices in games because everyone can
    report you for anything even something as small as beating them. They report us and if we've ever used language you will search it out, use it against us and ban us.

    I know you think you are helping but you are not. You are actually doing the opposite in the community and I for one am leaning towards other platforms for my gaming. Perhaps offer an ADULT Live and a Snowflake Live?

    ObieTric, Jul 11, 2019
  2. aXs Dalton Win User

    acoount banned for no reason!

    Hi there!

    You should have received an email explaining why you was banned, if not there is a separate forum under the Xbox Support forums. It is called "why was I banned?" If you post there a member of the XBLET will reply to you saying why you was banned.
  3. davemcfly85 Win User

    I was hacked, then banned off Xbox live for 9,999 years

    hackers cannot ban you only those in the PET can ban you if you want to find out WHY you were banned permanently post in the suspension/ban forums note that is only to find out why there do not reverse them and there is no appeals for bans sorry.
  4. mad monkey04 Win User

    Reason For My Xbox One Ban

    I'm simply asking 1 thing WHY IM A BANNED like how can they just ban my xbox one and not tell me why i'm banned and if i can't connect them why did they ban m with no way to connect them about why i'm banned so what your saying is the enforcement team banned
    me i lose £200 and i can't find out why? Its not right if my console was banned i need to be given a reason or it could just be a random ban no because still not being given a reason..and i only made another one as they're ignoring my post i simply asked for
    1 line why im i banned like the post say they would do a legthy investigation so there must be a reason i wasn't to know this reason or isit just they gonna ban me and not contact me which can be consider illegal as i've just been banned out of the blue no
    reason i bought intp the company and they ban me without reason meaning im losing $$$ so again i literally just want to know why im i banned
  5. bowski477 Win User

    Why was a banned for this

    Unfortunately chat support frequently sends people here incorrectly as the enforcement team hasn't used the forums in years. If there is no case review option, there is nothing further you can do.
  6. ShakenBaker115 Win User

    Banned. But why?

    I’ve tried going to the enforcement page but can’t sign in to see why I was banned. Also has all my money I paid for digital downloads been stolen? Because if I can’t sign in then I can’t use the content that I paid for. In my book that’s theft no matter
    how you split it.

Why are Bans a thing?

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