Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

Discus and support Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email? in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Let's be clear, dont send me a link to change my Microsoft alias email. I CANT CHANGE THAT EMAIL. I was once a kid that played video games on a... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by flamingtoast, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. flamingtoast
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    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

    Let's be clear, dont send me a link to change my Microsoft alias email. I CANT CHANGE THAT EMAIL.

    I was once a kid that played video games on a system called the xbox 360. And as a kid my parents owned the credit card and they had the email for the family. They made me an xbox account under their email (now microsoft account) so they could see what I
    purchased n such.

    It's been 8 years since that point, and 3 years since I've become an adult. I have my own seperate emails, credit card and another Microsoft account where I have school work, Skype and other things. I would love to switch my xbox account to my own Microsoft
    account, so I could manage my life all in one place.

    That's understandable right? That's why Microsoft forced all their services together under one account right?

    I am fully aware that technically my xbox gamertag/account is the same as my parents Microsoft account. But only by email, my parents Microsoft email is the only thing binding my xbox account to it. I want to know why I cant transfer my xbox account to my
    Microsoft account when all I'd have to do is change the xboxs email. It seems so simple, and it should be. But you cant change your xboxs email without changing your Microsoft email!!!

    And that finally brings me to my serious problem. My parents use their Microsoft account all the time, it's also how they log onto their computer at home. I cant just go, take over and change their entire account because I want my xbox to have my email on
    it.... is this really Microsoft only solution?

    Even as "family members" you have no control. Both Xbox and Microsoft accounts can b linked as family and you can even add family members Xbox accounts onto your own Xbox, but yet the shared Xbox/Microsoft account cant transfer a gamertag to the trusted
    family members account?

    I play my xbox one all the time now and yet my parents still get emails about my purchases. (I get I could turn their emails off but that really ignores the bigger issue.) It is so annoying having to log into my parents Microsoft account any time I need
    to use the app, or log onto the microsoft/xbox websites. Anytime I need to adjust a setting... I just want privacy and ease of access man. I want my xbox account to have the same personal information as my Microsoft account. I want ONE ACCOUNT, it's not like
    im leaving the service or anything I'm just trying to utilize the system in place.

    My situation is sadly like so many others where I'm forced into a corner by Microsofts failure to help it's long time customers. There is too many people asking for the same thing I am and it's about time they implement a change. Are they really gonna tell
    me there isnt thousands of kids who have and will face this issue of being stuck under someones account? The feature to change emails addresses is beyond common on multiple platforms and surely isn't a security concern considering this will be done by Microsoft,
    but also because you could add a simple security question or password check to make this change.

    At this point I'd take just the feature to have two emails on your account or like the feature to just change the xboxs email while remaining in the ownership of the Microsoft account. Anything's an improvement at this point.

    If anyone has an actual solution to transfer my xbox account off of my parents Microsoft account, and onto my own Microsoft account, then please respond. Once again I cannot change my parents Microsoft alias email so dont bother, also if this has genuinely
    been answered before please send me a link instead of locking/deleting this thread. This needs to be talked about.

    flamingtoast, Jun 21, 2019
  2. MichaelDierking Win User

    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

    no a l l e b e s I do not agree with you I agree with flaming toast. I too have this problem the only difference is I do not have an account under my parents name I have an account under another email address that for some reason unbeknownst to me Google
    would not let me access so I had to change it to my alias account, which is the one I currently use and I too am unable to transfer all my 360 games onto my Xbox one and my gamer tags and all my stats and my friends and all of that. and I find it extremely
    impossible to believe honestly the Microsoft just going to have that many people with that much knowledge of programming t be able to handle the amount of service that you guys handle with just Xbox accounts that you can't solve this problem. I mean if it's
    money you guys want than just charge us 1999 one-time charge to combine our accounts I think it's really childish and stupid on Microsoft part to not actually look into this. I do believe the most of us out here that are gaining continue with you guys regardless
    of your constant problems with logging onto my Xbox live I'm losing my gold membership or having to all of a sudden redownload a new DLC because it's no longer in my cloud or whatever we put up with those problems I think you guys need to address this one
    you cannot just combine them I would like to get my other account and combine with this account they're both my accounts and just so that you know Mister whatever your name was if you get divorced yeah your wife probably knows all your passwords and all that
    and if she is a vindictive person she probably will try to do something like that but there's this cool thing called the court that you go to to get a divorce and have a judgement passed by a judge and that would just be one of those things that you have to
    put in to your divorce decree to the judge makes a judgment and passes it and says that it's your account it goes with you she can't touch it show I'm just one little dude up here in Lincoln Nebraska going what
    [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] Microsoft you guys are getting his bad is Fox news LOL
  3. flamingtoast Win User

    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

    I dont think you understand. I never had a child account under my parents account, back then that wasn't even a thing. I have one xbox account on the Microsoft account, there the same account. They both share the same email that I have no option of changing.

    And for the divorce thing, that's totally circumstantial. In any situation the spouse could know your info. Tho they atleast let u change your password and have security questions for that specific reason. They have no security reason to not let you change
    your email...
  4. Allebas Win User

    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

    Hi Flamingtoast,

    Sadly, you cant transfer stuff from one account to another account. Look at this as a safety protocol. For example, lets say you had a spouse and the two of you broke up. They know your all your account information including your password and gamertag,
    etc. To get back at you they create an account and have everything on your account transfer to their account. Now they have all your games, game progression, etc. Now you have to call Microsoft and try to get it transfer back to your account. It just would
    be madness if they allowed this.

    The only way for your parents to stop receiving email from your account that was once a child account on a family account>>>Is to remove your account from the family account. Your account is no longer a child's account since your adult but it still under
    the family account.

    Remove a family member from your family on Xbox One

    The primary purpose of creating a family is to make it easier to manage parental controls and online safety for children. You can manage who’s in your family from your Xbox One console, or from any Windows 10 device.

    To remove a family member using your Windows 10 device, see What is a Microsoft family group?

    • Any adult in the family can remove another family member. Children and teens are prohibited from making this change.
    • When a child is removed from the family, they won’t be able to use the Xbox service until they have been added to another family. See Add
      a new member to your family on Xbox One.
    • Adults removed from the family no longer can manage the child accounts in the family. However, they'll have full rights to their account and will be able to use home console sharing when signed in to the home console.
    Security note If there’s someone in your family you don’t recognize, remove them. If you're a child and the person you don't recognize is listed on your account as your only parent, have your real parent contact Microsoft Support.
  5. abrasiveJustin Win User

    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?


    I created a XBOX LIVE account for my son over a decade ago. I used my work email address when I created the gamertag. Back then Microsoft's services were not lumped under one login (that didn't even exist). When Microsoft deployed their one login system they
    merged my son's Xbox Live account into my work Microsoft account.

    Now my son is an adult. We need to transfer HIS Xbox Live gamertag to HIS Microsoft account.

    This is idiotic.
  6. Hedgehog1039 Win User

    Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?


    I too have a very similer and infuriating issue regarding this and I have spent countless hours of frustration speaking to Microsoft support.

    This needs be passed on to higher powers to deal with it seems.

    Support employees and forum employees only solutions are just "Sorry, thats not possible. Find a way to live with it" in essence and it absolutely infuriates me.


    I was a kid, I had an xbox.

    One year my mother decided to make an Xbox Live account for my christmas.

    Everything is great.

    So I spent many years playing on xbox and racked up a large history and fairly substantial gamerscore.

    (as well as various games and content purchased on this gamertag)

    Around 5 years ago I stopped playing for various reasons and was only using my PC for a while.

    During this Xbox downtime I decided to make a new email address for my adult self and chose to use Microsoft's Outlook platform to do this. At this point I had no idea that gamertags were tied to microsoft accounts, nor did I know that my mother had set
    up my gamertag using a fresh Microsoft email.

    After a few more years being none the wiser, the latest Halo: Infinite trailer kick starts my Halo love and addiction which started back in 2001 on christmas day. (I was only 6, wow the nostalgia that trailer produced)

    This is when it all goes down hill.

    I though I would go get my gamertag back in action with all that sweet Halo history and gamerscore only to be faced with the account issue problem.


    This is a serious problem for me for a couple of reasons:

    - My new email address is incredibly important and I can't afford to lose it.

    - My new account is the account I use for all other microsoft endeavours.

    Now using the old account and just getting by is very impractical:

    - I need to use an unused account which has no purchases or email ties whatsoever which is not even mine.

    - It means not having the coherence which the abox and microsoft platforms have together in modern times is lost.

    - Managing the emails associated with it will mean I will have to check a dead email address constantly for emails regarding xbox and the account.

    - It means having to juggle two different accounts constantly depending on what I want to do.

Why cant I transfer my Xbox account or change email?

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