will we get live background wallpapers

Discus and support will we get live background wallpapers in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; with the new ui submitted by /u/08spurlingD [link] [comments] Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/08spurlingD, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. will we get live background wallpapers

    /u/08spurlingD, Aug 14, 2019
  2. Riderz of Rohan Win User

    Xbox Custom themes

    I should clarify that my previous post was in reference to being able to set the dashboard background/wallpaper from images on a usb, not an actual "theme" which would change more than just the wallpaper.
  3. BigBrotherEarl Win User

    Gray Fog

    By "custom background" I mean just wallpapers uploaded the PC. It's not just those but, most of the other downloaded themes for Xbox Live are obstructed by this "fog".

    Please tell me that next update will allow you to remove it.
  4. Jacyintha Win User

    Downloaded themes wont work.

    Themes are NOT maps. Themes are backgrounds/wallpaper for your xbox. To access the maps, you have to buy the map packs they are included in.
  5. SparkStormrider Win User

    Game Menu Pictures and Wallpapers...

    [quote user="Beta Bri"]

    Why are my regular game menu pictures are reduced to 1/10 their original sizes offline? The demos are like that, but it shouldn't be that way for the paid retail and arcade games.

    I also, can't use any of my wallpapers offline, I'm stuck with just a gray scale background. I would like at least, like to have my Perfect Dark wallpaper to be available offline. (And yes, I just finished a full license transfer of wallpapers and games, to
    no avail.)

    [/quote]That's weird. I have not seen where Wallpapers don't load when offline. That's very odd. Even before I did a full license transfer to my current 360 I was able to view backgrounds offline. Strange. Curious to know what the resolution from MS
  6. 1c546b31-84f8-4992-b Win User

    Capture Reply Upload

    You need Xbox Live or a pc and War Thunder to get that captured in your own video to get a wallpaper out of your capture could be done with any video editor just need to convert the file to your pc wallpaper spec. It should loop itself when dropped into
    a wallpaper file and inserted with the proper extension. Right.

will we get live background wallpapers

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