WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Discus and support WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Since my last thread was closed down (for no reason I can ascertain), I'm reopening this until someone at Xbox sits up and pays attention. Allow me to... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Coop212-[xboxvenue], Nov 9, 2019.

  1. WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Since my last thread was closed down (for no reason I can ascertain), I'm reopening this until someone at Xbox sits up and pays attention. Allow me to go through the events as they transpired:

    1) October 1st 2019:
    Preordered WWE 2k20 Deluxe Edition

    2) October 11th 2019: Purchased 'Atlas' on Xbox Store. Uninstalled it that same day and requested a refund, as I played it and found it unplayable.

    3) October 16th 2019: Refund for 'Atlas' approved. Money returned.

    4) October 22nd 2019: WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition installs on my Xbox One. I play it. It's utterly dreadful. Targeting issues, clipping, lag, interface gaps, etc.

    5) October 23rd 2019: I play WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition again, being willing to give it a second chance. Same problems persist. I have been playing the WWE 2K series since they took over from THQ, so I have a great depth of experience
    with this series. This game is unplayable. I uninstall it and request a refund, citing the 'Item ordered by mistake' reason, as there is no 'Item utterly unplayable' option.

    6) October 26th 2019: I receive a response from Microsoft informing me that "We can't provide a refund to the request for order(s) (#######) purchased on October 1st. Our refund policy does not allow refunds for digital products that
    have been played or consumed."

    7) I reinstall the game, figuring I'm stuck with it, so I may as well make the best of it. An update patch is announced. I install it, hoping this will fix the bugs. It doesn't.

    8) I open a thread here on the Microsoft Community to see if anyone else has had similar experiences. Turns out they have. Receive some helpful advice, but find no way to communicate directly with Microsoft regarding the issue.

    9) Thread gets closed down by a Microsoft admin. Yes, an admin closed the thread seemingly without even looking at it, much less addressing it.

    10) This post. Now you're up to date.

    All I want to know is, why would Microsoft be willing to refund me for 'Atlas' (which I played, disliked and asked for a refund for), but not for WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition (which I also played, disliked and asked for a refund for)?
    It seems arbitrary, or worse (and this is the cynic in me), based on cost. 'Atlas' was £20-something. WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition was £85. I feel like my request has been unilaterally ignored for the sake of expedience, and that my custom isn't valued. When PlayStation
    began receiving requests for refunds for this unplayable game, they granted them.

    As a side-note, here's a link to a video on YouTube, highlighting what an unplayable mess this game is. I need people to realise that this is not some random player who's dissatisfied with how often his finisher gets reversed.
    I'm a seasoned veteran of the 2K WWE series, and I've never played anything as laughably unfinished as this.


    Coop212-[xboxvenue], Nov 9, 2019
  2. King raiderX80 Win User

    WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hello this is an very weird situation you are currently haveing at the moment have you tried recontacting Microsoft in a diffrent way then you did the first time as a diffrent way may be abel to get you a diffrent result. If not maybey put a complaint
    through to see if that helps.
  3. skylaar Win User

    WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    While I am having trouble locating the exact details of the refund, there may have been a piece about requesting the refund within 24 hours if you had played the game. Atlas you requested the same day, with WWE 2k20 you waited until the following day and
    that 24 hour period may have lapsed.

    Have you tried contacting the developer of WWE 2K20? Similar to other goods, you normally work with the actual owner of the product after the store refund policy has expired. For example if I purchase a Samsung TV at Best Buy and am not satisfied with
    the product after the store return policy expires I work directly with Samsung.
  4. XBF Amber M Win User

    WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hi Coop212-[xboxvenue],

    Thanks for reaching out to us in the forums for this situation. When it comes to refunds for digital items, such as the game WWE 2K20, that is strictly handled by the refund team. Sadly, we here on the forums lack the necessary tools to directly assist with
    any refund or billing issues.

    In general, if you've requested a refund for an item and been denied, you would need to reply directly to the email you received stating that you'd like them to look into an exception. Further information about this may be found in our support article entitled Request
    an Xbox digital product refund

    Should you still receive a determination that the refund will not be granted, then I would encourage you to
    request a call back from Xbox Support to see if there is anything that they may do to assist you, or look into the matter further. Alternatively, you may
    contact 2K Support to see if they have any solutions that may help you to get the game working as intended as well.

    Since there is no further resolution and in an effort to minimize repetitive answers we will be locking this thread, but if you have any further questions or concerns feel free to come back to the Xbox forum (Do not repost the same question or
    thread as that would violate the Xbox Forum Guidelines).

    Thanks again for posting and happy gaming.
  5. superSnausages Win User

    Is anyone getting Dead island?

    'Oblivion 2: Electric Boogaloo' maybe
  6. ABigSweatyBear Win User

    What do we all think project scarlet's official name will be?

    Xbox Two: Electric Boogaloo

WWE Refund Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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