X-box mic stopped working

Discus and support X-box mic stopped working in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Hi, My microphone was working fine for several month and all of a sudden stopped. It doesnt work in x-box parties or in games. My xbox is update to... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by HardMermaid, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. HardMermaid
    HardMermaid Guest

    X-box mic stopped working


    My microphone was working fine for several month and all of a sudden stopped. It doesnt work in x-box parties or in games.

    My xbox is update to date

    My controllers are up to date. Ive tried both.

    I have two mics/headsets. I get audio on both.

    When I turn the mic on/off, it transmits a sound.

    Mic is on and not muted.

    Please let me know if you have any possible solutions.

    Thank you.

    HardMermaid, Sep 12, 2020
  2. Ix Butters xl Win User

    Week suspension lifted and still unable to use voice communications

    I've tried multiple mics so I know its not the mic. It really seems x-box enforcement is the root cause

    X box chat problems

    sorry been busy, i have a wired mic, and you see its more than the mic, i look on my chat screen and the voice speaker icon will disappear when they are talking and they confirm they are, it will cut in and out. Really fustrating for people on both sides,
    sometimes i will stop using the x box because of it. No interfearence that im aware of, microwave is in a diferent room and its not used when im talking. I am using a wireless controller that came with my call of duty mw3 x box. Any one else have this issue?
  4. Remember Pluto Win User

    Muting a players mic

    If you muted someone and there mic never stopping going then you will continue to hear them. There mic has to stop for the mic to start working.
  5. XA JJKILLERs Win User

    why cant I use good headsets on my X Box?

    I've had such a frustrating time with headsets and my X box. My controller has a 3.5mm jack and I have found nice gaming headsets that will work with my X box controller. Particularly the Sennheiser game one headset with an open back. The X box controller
    as far as I can tell has a terrible amplifier and will not even power good headphones. It sounds terrible. Anemic, no bass and cuts out because the headphones are severely under powered. I've looked for better options to power the headset like a DAC amp, but
    since Im running HDMI through my AV receiver, it becomes a nightmare fast trying to get better quality sound using a high quality gaming headset with a mic. I think all of the X box branded gaming headsets sound terrible compared to many high quality headphones
    for music. They are far from high fidelity and I just cant listen to them.

    I hope the X box series X does a better job with this?? I have literally thousands of dollars invested in a 4k HDR TV and have no idea why audio for the X box using gaming headsets is restricted to a few low quality offerings? there is ZERO information available
    about why some headphones with a MIc that plug in using a 3.5mm jack work and others don't. 3.5mm headset standards are split into two different types.
    CTIA & OMTP. The first, known as American Headset Jack (AHJ) standard or sometimes CTIA,
    is what X box uses and has the microphone connector point on the sleeve end, with the signalling (or ground) connector on the second ring. The OMTP standard reverses these two poles, which is why some smartphone headsets work for sound, but the Mic doesn't
    work. It took a lot of reading and research to find this out and again, there is no help from Microsoft. It's like the audio over X box regarding online play that requires a mic to communicate with team mates is an afterthought.

    I found a pair of King You earbuds that use the CTIA standard that work with the X box controller (Mic and sound) and I am able to use my home theater speakers simultaneously to fill in the sound because the earbuds sound so thin and anemic compared to high
    end gaming headphones from companies like Sennheiser, but have to tape a cotton ball around the mic to keep my room noise from being heard in the headsets of those in my party. Why cant the X box support more and better, high fidelity options for PC compatible
    wired gaming headphones??? I hope this changes with the X box series X. I can't imagine paying top dollar for such a powerful console that supports high frame rates, high resolution and HDR, only to be be forced into low quality sound gaming headsets, because
    the controller cant power a decent set of headphones. ARGH
    There really isnt a reason for audio file type head sets for most people
  6. Mister Quimby Win User

    Mic stopped working

    Hey there BuyFromMyCity!

    Sorry to hear about the headset issue and any inconveniences this may have caused. If you would like to receive support for a different support issue, please feel free to create a new thread. Be sure to include the details of the issue as well as any troubleshooting
    steps that you have tried. Thanks in advance!

X-box mic stopped working

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