Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba

Discus and support Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; 之前一直没什么问题,昨天从商店里下的游戏突然登不上Xbox账户了,今天就发现Xbox登不上了 现在的情况是登录之后有个登录成功的信息,但是Xbox还是登录失败(如图) [img] [img] fc9b053a-9935-4139-92e2-25fe1017874c Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by BlockDS, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. BlockDS
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    Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba


    Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba [​IMG]

    Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba [​IMG]

    BlockDS, Jan 24, 2020
  2. yFoX inSanuS Win User

    Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba

    Hi, have you tried clearing your xbox app's cache or logging out and logging in again. I already had this problem and resovel with me.

    I hope I helped and I disagree with your answer

    ~ Fox
  3. 毛毛张 Win User


    安装 的操作了,还是不行,登陆商店还是遇到错误,请稍后重试登陆
  4. 至边际 Win User

    我的xboxlive总是经常无法登陆 [Edit - Translation] - My xboxlive always fails to log in


    的电脑连接 的网络吗?

    第一解决办法是我建议让 断开哪的网络从电脑,等四十五秒钟在连接 的电脑。

    第二解决办法是 退出 的microsoft帐目在登录。

    我的电脑连接网络了 并且我的这种 法登陆问题同时存在于Microsoft Stroe

    您提供的第二种解决办法我不知道是退出在哪的Microsoft账号 为xboxlive一直登陆不上 微软商店退出 效

    我拨号和以太网都尝试过 并且试过修改dns 和开启TLS1.2 都不奏效 应用商店登陆时错误 为0x800704cf xbox控制台小助手错误 为0xbba(但是网页版可以正常登陆)

    [Edit - Translation] - Hello

    My computer is connected to the Internet and my problem of not being able to log in also exists in Microsoft Stroe

    The second solution you provided is I do n’t know which Microsoft account to log out because xboxlive has not been logged in. The Microsoft Store logout is invalid

    I tried both dial-up and Ethernet and tried to modify dns and enable TLS1.2. It did n’t work. The error code of the application store login is 0x800704cf. The error code of the xbox console assistant is 0xbba (but the web version can log in normally)
  5. Onyx Is Here Win User

    无法登陆Xbox live

  6. 毛毛张 Win User


    好, 说的这些方法我都试过了,不行的,还是那 ,报相同的错误

Xbox无法登陆 错误0xbba

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